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Iran News in Brief – March 14, 2022



U.S. Republican Senators Say They Will Not Back New Iran Nuclear Deal

WASHINGTON, March 14 (Reuters) – Forty-nine of the 50 Republican U.S. senators said on Monday they will not back an emerging new nuclear deal between Iran and world powers, underscoring their party’s opposition to attempts to revive a 2015 accord amid fears talks might collapse.

Citing press reports about a new deal, which has yet to be finalized and could be torpedoed by Russian opposition, the lawmakers said in a statement that Democratic President Joe Biden’s administration might reach a deal to weaken sanctions and lessen restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program.

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Calls for Regime Change in Kermanshah, Western Iran

کرمانشاه خیابان ولیعصر: پخش شعارهای مرگ بر خامنه‌ای درود بر رجوی، مرگ بر ستمگر چه شاه باشد چه رهبر

Last night, Sunday, March 13, at 8 pm local time, slogans of “Down with Khamenei, viva Rajavi”, “Down with the tyrant, be he a king or a leader”, “The only way towards country’s relief is regime change”, and “Down with Khamenei, damned be Khomeini” was heard in one of Kermanshah’s main streets, Valiasr Street.


Missiles From Iran Strike Near U.S. Consulate, Coalition Base in Northern Iraq

Iran IRGC missiles strike near US consulate, coalition base in northern Iraq

The attack comes as nuclear talks have halted yet again in Vienna and Tehran sides with Moscow in the Ukraine crisis. Furthermore, there are reports that the Biden administration has been considering the Iranian regime’s demand of delisting the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) from the State Department’s list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTO). It is worth noting that the regime’s missile program is under the control of the IRGC.

The missile attack on Erbil was launched from Iran, according to a U.S. official, tweeted Phil Steward, the Reuters military and intelligence correspondent. The IRGC issued a statement on Sunday officially assuming responsibility for the attack, according to the regime’s official IRNA news agency.

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Nowruz, the Traditional Persian New Year

Traditionally, Nowruz is accompanied by a surge of joy, happiness, family gatherings, hope, prosperity, and giving among new and old generations, regardless of their age, gender, religious and ethnic backgrounds. That, indeed, has been, is, and will be the essence and the spirit of Nowruz. However, since the start of the mullahs’ regime 43 years ago, Nowruz traditions and symbolism have been under attack by Iranian officials. The widespread corruption in the regime of the ayatollahs, colossal mismanagement in all aspects of the economy, embezzlements, nepotism, COVID-19 fatalities, injustice, and inequality have caused economic and mental hardship for the Iranian people. Even the simplest form of Nowruz celebrations seems to be a far-fetched idea.

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Iranian Political Prisoner With Leukemia Denied Medical Treatment

Kasra Bani Amerian, a political prisoner with cancer, has been deprived of medical care for about a year and a half in Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison. Kasra Bani Amerian can not withstand incarceration due to his health condition. The 26-year-old political prisoner has previously undergone chemotherapy. He currently has symptoms of leukemia and should be monitored by a specialist and receive medical treatment. But the judicial authorities have prevented his release in the past 18 months, depriving him of the minimum necessary care and even the medications he urgently needs.

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Kurdish Political Prisoner’s Health in Serious Danger if Not Treated Immediately

Kurdish political prisoner Naib Asgari held in Urmia Prison fainted on Thursday, March 10, and prison officials refused to provide him medical care. The political prisoner, who has been suffering from kidney disease for the past few months, has been experiencing seizures and anesthesia due to the pressures caused by his hunger strike and long-term detention in solitary confinement. Mr. Asgari, along with other political prisoners detained in Urmia Prison, went on a hunger strike on December 12, 2021, to protest the decision of prison officials to transfer them to a high-security ward.

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