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Iran News in Brief – February 8, 2023

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Iran Uprising at a Glance – Day 146

Based partially on reporting by PMOI (MEK) Network in Iran

Wednesday, February 8, 2023 – 8 PM GMT + 1

  • Days: 146
  • Protests: 282 cities
  • Fatalities: 750+ estimated deaths, 647 identified by MEK
  • Detentions: 30,000

Iran’s nationwide uprising marked its 146th day on Wednesday with protesters voicing their hatred of the ruling mullahs’ regime by torching its symbols in a growing number of cities across the country, including in the capital Tehran.

on Wednesday morning farmers from Isfahan Province arrived in Tehran and began holding a protest rally to raise their demands and protest the drying of their local Zayandehrud River. This has led to the devastation of their farmlands and crops and left their livelihood.

Cotton field workers in the city of Moghan in Razavi Khorasan Province, northeast Iran, rallied outside the local governor’s office after city officials refused to respond to their demands.

In the capital Tehran on Wednesday, investors of the Cryptoland online exchange held a rally outside a regime judiciary building demanding the IRGC to return their stolen money returned.

Also, in Tehran, courageous protesters tore down the regime’s propaganda flags and banners and chanted: Death to Khamenei.

In Mashhad, the capital of Khorasan Razavi province in the northeast and Kermanshah western Iran, courageous youths torched regimes’ propaganda banners.

Last night, residents of Tehran’s Marzdaran district and other areas, and the city of Shiraz, began chanting anti-regime slogans, including:
“Death to the dictator!”
“So many years of crimes! Death to the mullahs’ regime!”
“Death to the IRGC!”
“This is the year Seyed Ali (Khamenei) is overthrown!”


Breaking: Live Broadcast on H.Res. 100 in the U.S. Congress

United States House Resolution number 100: Expressing support for the Iranian people’s desire for a democratic, secular, and nonnuclear Republic of Iran, and condemning violations of human rights and state-sponsored terrorism by the Iranian government.

House Representatives from both parties will take to the stage and comment on the initiative.

Live broadcast on @OrgIAC

MFA: Attack on Azerbaijani Embassy in Tehran Is a Planned Terrorist Attack

turan az logo

On Monday, the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry held a briefing on the terrorist attack on the Azerbaijani embassy in Tehran on January 27, where the head of the security of the diplomatic mission, Orkhan Askerov, was killed, and two of his subordinates, Vasif Tagiyev and Mahir Imanov, were wounded.  The head of the press service of the Foreign Ministry, Aykhan Hajizade, in chronological order, informed about the circumstances of the attack, showing that it was a planned terrorist attack.

So, on the morning of January 27, the terrorist drove past the embassy twice – at 08:05 and 08:24 in order to choose a convenient moment for the attack. At around 08:32, when two embassy employees entered the building of the diplomatic mission, the terrorist crashed his car into a parked car of the embassy.

He calculated that the employees would come out to the noise, and taking advantage of the opened door, burst inside, opening fire from a machine gun. At the same time, the terrorist gave a sign to the Iranian policeman, who was on duty at the door of the embassy.

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Tensions Brew Between Tehran and the IAEA Over Nuclear Plant


The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency has said he will need to go to Tehran very soon to restore his inspectorate’s ability to monitor Iran’s nuclear programme.

Rafael Grossi also said that Iran should not have carried out recent unilateral changes at the Fordow nuclear plant, which will require increased inspections. The modifications, discovered by the IAEA and reported to the board of governors last month, involved an undeclared change to the interconnection between two machines enriching advanced uranium.

Speaking at Chatham House in London, he said: “There has been a modification that should have been reported. You cannot go back and right this wrong. The thing is that, of course, with this modification, the facility has new capabilities so we have to inspect more.”

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Rep. Cuellar Leads 60 Colleagues in Calling for Crackdown on Iranian Military Drone Program

henry cuellar Congressional Series

Washington, DC – Today, U.S. Congressman Henry Cuellar (D-TX-28) led a bipartisan group of 60 colleagues in writing to the Biden Administration regarding reports that Iranian-made drones recovered in Ukraine contain parts that were manufactured in the United States. Also leading the letter were Congressmen August Pfluger (R-TX-11), Brad Schneider (D-IL-10), and Don Bacon (R-NE-2).

Russia has purchased hundreds of armed drones from Iran in the past year, including one-way “suicide drones” that have terrorized Ukrainian civilians. Intelligence estimates suggest that 75 percent of the components of these drones are U.S.-made. The letter calls on the Biden Administration to develop a coordinated, whole-of-government approach to interrupt Iran’s supply chains and stop the flow of U.S.-made parts.

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Conference at the French National Assembly Features MPs, Political Dignitaries

Conference French National Assembly features MPs political dignitaries 1024x682 1

I am delighted to see you in the Colbert Room of the National Assembly. I want to thank the Parliamentary Committee for a Democratic Iran, its president Cécile Rilhac, its vice-presidents André Chassaigne, Philippe Gosselin, Hervé Saulignac, Yannick Favenec, as well as all the members of the CPID for their precious support to the Iranian people and their democratic revolution for a free Iran. The CPID did not wait for the uprising for the mullahs’ overthrow to denounce human rights violations in Iran, defend Iranian women, and support the Iranian Resistance. The uprising started almost five months ago, and the Iranian people, especially the women, have impressed the world with their revolt and courage in the face of injustice, inequality, and discrimination. It is the courage of a determined youth in the face of death, arrests, and torture.

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More People Across Iran Are Protesting the Mullahs’ Rule

Iran Protests February 7 2023 696x391 1

Iran’s nationwide uprising is marking its 145th day on Tuesday with protesters voicing their hatred of the ruling mullahs’ regime by torching their symbols in a growing number of cities across the country. As the regime is preparing to claim legitimacy during the upcoming anniversary of Iran’s 1979 anti-monarchial revolution, brave protesters throughout the country are torching pro-regime propaganda billboards, posters, and banners.

This campaign goes parallel to protests by people from all walks of life in Iran against the regime’s corrupt dictatorship. This includes farmers in Isfahan, pensioners and retirees, and families of apprehended protesters and death row prisoners.

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Tehran’s Revolutionary Court Sentenced Sarvnaz Ahmadi to 6 Years in Prison

Negar Davoudi Neda Mohseni Sarvnaz Ahmadi Matin Soleimani min

The 15th Branch of Tehran’s Revolutionary Court sentenced Sarvnaz Ahmadi to 6 years in prison. If the sentence is approved during the appeal stage, Article 134 of the regime’s Penal Code – the harshest punishment of 5 years – will be implemented for Mrs. Ahmadi.

Sarvnaz Ahmadi is a children’s rights activist. She obtained her Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Welfare Sciences in Velenjak, Tehran. She and her spouse, Kamyar Fakur, a labor activist, were arrested by security forces in Tehran on November 6, 2022, and detained in Evin Prison.

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Women Tortured in the Fight Against the Shah’s Dictatorship

Women tortured in the fight against the Shah 750

On the eve of the anniversary of Iran’s anti-monarchy Revolution on February 11, 1979, we prepared an episode devoted to the heroism of Iranian women who fought against the Shah’s dictatorship and opened the way for millions of Iranian women to participate in deciding the fate of their country. Indeed, the anniversary of the 1979 Revolution which toppled the Shah’s dictatorship in Iran, is a reminder of Iranian women’s extensive role and impact in that era, considered a leap forward in the history of the struggles of Iranian women.

The impressive role of women in the 1979 anti-dictatorial revolution in Iran, was influenced by the presence of progressive women in the Mojahedin and the Fedayeen movements that were the main democratic opposition forces to Shah’s dictatorship.

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First Earthquake of the Year in City of Khoy in Iran

First earthquake of the year in city of Khoy in Iran min 750x375 1

Earthquake shocked part of Iran again. 8 days after the earthquake that shook Khoy city and surrounding villages on Saturday night, 28 January, Raisi the headsman went to Khoi on Sunday 5, February 2023 “without prior notice” (according to the propaganda apparatus of the regime) and visited some places and temporary accommodation of the earthquake victims and a couple of hours later he returned to Tehran.

Raisi in Khoy, in front of the regime’s TV camera, first thanked the IRGC and Basij and said: “You all worked hard, the governor’s office, the governorship’s office, they are doing their best” and then added: “10% of the houses have been damaged… (The authorities) should look and see which house is possible to live in and which house is not possible to live in” (Regime’s TV  on February 5).

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Oslo, Norway—February 4, 2023: MEK Supporters Rally in Solidarity With the Iran Revolution

Oslo, Norway—February 4, 2023: Iranian Resistance Supporters Rally in Support of the Iran Revolution

Oslo, Norway—February 4, 2023: Freedom-loving Iranians and supporters of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) held a rally in solidarity with the Iranian people’s uprising. Members of the Iranian community in Oslo expressed their utter support of their risen compatriots and vowed to continue echoing their voices, calling for freedom and democracy in Iran.

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Stockholm—February 7, 2023: MEK Supporters Rally in Front of the Swedish Court, Seeking Justice for the 1988 Massacre Victims

Stockholm, Sweden—February 7, 2023: MEK supporters rally outside the appeals court, seeking justice

Stockholm, Sweden—February 7, 2023: Freedom-loving Iranians, and supporters of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) and the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) held a rally on the eighth day of the appeal trial of the executioner Hamid Noury in front of the court. They are seeking justice for more than 30,000 martyrs of the 1988 massacre.

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Gothenburg, Sweden—February 4, 2023: MEK Supporters Rally in Solidarity With the Iran Revolution

Gothenburg, Sweden—February 4, 2023: MEK Supporters Demonstrated in Support of the Iran Revolution.

Gothenburg, Sweden—February 4, 2023: Freedom-loving Iranians and supporters of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) held a rally in solidarity with the Iranian people’s uprising. Members of the Iranian community in Gothenburg expressed their utter support of their risen compatriots and vowed to continue echoing their voices, calling for freedom and democracy in Iran.

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