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Iran News in Brief – September 12, 2022



Former MP Admits to Public Hatred Towards Entire Regime


During an interview with the state-run website AkhbareFori, former MP Rasul Montajebnia said: “During the election campaigns, some of these gentlemen claimed that they are against internet censorship. All the candidates said the same thing. Now they are doing everything to stop the virtual space and restrict people. They think that with these restrictions, they can limit the youth and ward off the dangers that are posing to themselves. With the same ‘security bill’ and all those different names that they use, everyone knows that the gentlemen are afraid of criticisms that will be posted on the internet.”

“I’m certain that those women and girls who don’t wear appropriate hijab, it’s because they saw the president claiming to be against the morality police and now they see that the morality police is running intensively. They see on the internet how badly people are treated. These aren’t lies. These actions are the first evidence of the weakness of the government. These actions also show that we have reached the end of the line. It means that we are out of touch with the people.”

Montajebnia directly addressed Ebrahim Raisi and warned: “People are insulting you. They are attacking Islam, attacking the leader, attacking the Imam (Khomeini). You have made people pessimistic about the Imam, the Revolution, and the state. People are angry. They are expressing their anger with their words and their actions.”


Regime’s Police Deputy Chief Expresses Concern About MEK’s Role In Iran’s Uprising


At the unveiling ceremony of a new repressive organization known as the “Capital Police Special Patrol, Qasim Rezaei, the deputy chief of the regime’s police force, said on September 11: “Our judicial system is completely aligned with the country’s law enforcement. Like two-edged scissors, they will cut down those who sow unrest. We don’t care what the hypocrites (regime’s description to smear the MEK insider Iran) and our enemies will say about this.”

Rezaei also added: “Those who have made breaking norms their priority, they should regret their evil plans before it’s too late and they should stand down. Some of these norm breakers are the elements of the hypocritics and the global arrogance (regime’s description of the West).”

Iran Opposition Event Calls on the West to End Mullahs’ Impunity


The Iranian opposition coalition National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) hosted a conference on Saturday in Paris calling on the international community, especially the West, to stop offering “Impunity for Terrorism and Crimes Against Humanity in Iran”.

This conference was organized on the eve of the upcoming United Nations General Assembly in New York. Iranian regime’s President Ebrahim Raisi intends to attend the UNGA and there is already a global campaign calling on Washington to deny him a visa. This is especially considering Raisi’s leading role in the summer 1988 massacre of than 30,000 political prisoners.

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IRGC Intelligence Tortures Baluch Juvenile Detainee Threatens Him With Death


The Intelligence Department of the Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the Intelligence Ministry have tortured Maziar Shah Bakhsh, a Baluch juvenile detainee, and threatened to execute him.

Maziar Shah Bakhsh was transferred from the Correctional and Rehabilitation Center of Zahedan to the detention center of the IRGC Intelligence on August 30, 2022. He was tortured under interrogation to extract false confessions from him.

The IRGC Intelligence agents told Maziar Shah Bakhsh to call his family and “tell them to prepare enough money to buy your noose.” They said they would send him to his father and uncle in another world.”

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