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Iran News in Brief – September 21, 2021




Tuesday Protests in Iran

On Tuesday, September 21, teachers in many provinces like Lorestan, Khuzestan, Khorasan, Kermanshah, Tehran, and Kurdistan held rallies to protest and demand their rights from the Ministry of Education that fails to implement an equal pay policy and addressing the pension of retired teachers.

تجمع اعتراضی معلمان و آموزگاران در خوزستان

A group of scammed investors and clients of the Azovico Car Dealership rallied in front of the regime’s Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade building to protest the ministry’s failure to address their concerns. For more than three years, these demonstrators have been depositing money and remittances to Azivico’s account to buy a car, but their cars have not been delivered and they have held 45 protest rallies so far.

۴۵مین تجمع اعتراضی مالباختگان شرکت آذیکو خورو مقابل وزارت صمت

On Tuesday, a group of workers at Bandar Khomeini Petrochemical Company protested in front of Bandar Imam Petrochemical Company and called for the company to stop transferring the supervision of the personnel under the Bandar Mahshahr Non-Industrial Operations Company. The 300 affected employees who have a record of more than 10 to 15 years, want to return to the parent company because the transfer has eliminated their benefits and reduced their wages.

Also on Tuesday, a large group of graduated teachers held a rally in front of the Ministry of Education for the 18th consecutive day. These people have held numerous rallies since last year to protest the ministry’s failure to fulfill its vows, taking care of their employments.

هجدهمین روز تجمع اعتراضی کارنامه سبزها مقابل وزارت آموزش و پرورش

هجدهمین روز تجمع اعتراضی کارنامه سبزها مقابل وزارت آموزش و پرورش


Iranians Protest Against Ebrahim Raisi’s Speech At UNGA

Iranians and supporters of the Iranian Resistance held rallies in Western capitals to protest against Ebrahim Raisi, the Iranian president’s speech at the United Nations General Assembly.

Iranian Regime Killed A Witness To Navid Afkari’s Torture

Right: A young Navid Afkari Left: Written testimony about Navid's torture by Shahin Naseri
Right: A young Navid Afkari Left: Written testimony about Navid’s torture by Shahin Naseri

Shahin Naseri, a witness to the torture of Navid Afkari, the martyred wrestling champion, has died under torture. Mr. Naseri, a business expert, was deported to the Great Tehran Prison after testifying about the torture of Navid Afkari. According to Shahin’s brother, his friends have informed his family that he was killed in solitary confinement. The prison authorities did not contact Mr. Naseri’s family.

In September 2020, when Navid Afkari was executed in Adelabad Prison in Shiraz and various reports indicated he was tortured to obtain a forced confession, the Iranian regime’s judiciary denied that he had been tortured and stressed that Navid confessed under normal circumstances. At the time, Shahin Naseri who was serving his sentence for non-political crimes in Shiraz, testified that he was a witness to the torture of Navid Afkari.

In his testimony, Shahin Naseri described in detail the day he saw Navid being tortured in Shiraz. According to these four pages of testimony, Shahin Naseri said that while he was in Shiraz Intelligence Office, he heard Navid Afkari shouting and saw the scene of his beating by two undercover agents.


Judiciary Executed Prisoners in Karaj and West Azarbaijan, Iran


This morning, a Kurdish citizen named Judat Rabat (Judatian), from the village of Shashmal in the Urmia district, was executed in Zanjan Prison. Judat was married and had three children. He was detained in Zanjan for about 4 years. The body of this prisoner will be buried in his hometown after being transferred to Urmia.

The Iranian regime’s judiciary had also executed a prisoner in Gohardasht prison in Karaj on Wednesday, September 15th. The name of the prisoner has not been announced. According to HRANA, this prisoner was executed after spending 6 years in prison.


Support a Free Iran

Call on the US to hold Ebrahim Raisi accountable for the 1988 Massacre

Conference in Washington, DC September 20, 2021

Coronavirus Fatalities Across Iran Exceed 432,300

The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) announced on Monday, September 20, 2021, that the Coronavirus death toll in 547 cities had exceeded 432,300. The number of victims in Tehran has reached 101,496, Khorasan Razavi 35,175, Isfahan 28,650, Khuzestan 26,476, Mazandaran 16,345, Fars 15,514, West Azerbaijan 15,308, East Azerbaijan 15,303, Gilan 15,045, Alborz 12,668, Qom 11,910, Kerman 11,402, Golestan 9,865, Central Province 7,928, Kermanshah 7,624, Hormozgan 7,405, Yazd 7,218, Semnan 6,005, Ardabil 5,465, Zanjan 4,200, and Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari 3,285.

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Why Ebrahim Raisi Will Not Travel to New York for the Un General Assembly

Ebrahim Raisi, the president of the Iranian regime, will be addressing the UN General Assembly through video conference and will not attend the session in person on Tuesday, Majid Takhtravanchi, Tehran’s Ambassador to the UN said on Thursday. According to Takhtravanchi, Raisi’s absence is due to Covid concerns, a claim that has been refuted and mocked even by the regime’s own state-run media. Interestingly, Raisi had no reservations in attending the convention of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in person, held in Tajikistan last week.

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Qualified Teachers in Iran Refused Employment by Education Ministry


The Iranian teachers have held a rally for sixteen consecutive days in Tehran to protest the Iranian regime’s refusal to employ them. All the teachers taking part in the rallies have passed the employment test provided by the Ministry of Education and are willing and ready to teach the younger generations of Iran, but the government has refused to provide them with jobs. A number of those involved had traveled from other cities to the capital to state their disapproval of the regime’s decision and make their voices heard.

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Atena Daemi Denied Meeting With the Inspectors of Lakan Prison

Atena Daemi transferred to General Ward of Lakan Prison of Rasht min
Atena Daemi transferred to General Ward of Lakan Prison of Rasht min

Atena Daemi denied meeting with the inspectors of Lakan Prison. Atena Daemi was not allowed to meet with the delegation of inspectors who visited Lakan Prison in Rasht. The inspections took place after Atena’s revelations about the abysmal prison conditions. Atena Daemi’s family had a cabin visit with her on Saturday, September 18, 2021.

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Baluch Fuel Carrier Killed by Security Forces in SE Iran


A Baluch fuel carrier was killed by security forces in Khash, southeastern Iran. According to Rasank, a Baluch Telegram news channel, the man was identified as Khodadad Shahnavazi. Security forces opened fire on him without a warning, and he was killed. This is the second case in September that security forces killed fuel carriers. On September 13, a Baluch fuel carrier identified as Dadaollah Kiazehi was killed by security forces in Zahedan, southeastern Iran.

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