Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Iran: protest and workers rallies


NCRI – The Iranian regime’s ailing and sluggish economy has not been able to improve people’s lives even after the nuclear deal and receiving the cash. A fact which can clearly be seen in the spread of protests across different cities in Iran against the regime’s predatory leaders.

According to a report on October 6, the petrochemical contract workers in so-called Bandar-e Khomeini, held a protest rally following  the head of the industrial unit’s continued refusal to implement the unification scheme.

On Wednesday October 5, more than 200 employees of ‘Khalij Fars Mining and Metals Industries’ gathered in front of Hormozgan governor’s place to protest against assigning the main part of the company to the contractor, demanding that the directive be repealed. 

On Tuesday October 4 as well as Wednesday October 5, Avangan Factory workers in Arak, Markazi province (Central Iran), held a rally in front of the governor’s place in the city to protest against not being paid for the past 22 months. By installing a banner, the workers expressed their protest against the regime’s brokers for not paying 22 months of their salaries, demanding that their salaries and benefits be paid.

Also during the past few days, hundreds of ‘Machin Sazi’ contract workers in the same city (Arak) protested against their working conditions. 

On Wednesday October 5, some of  the Telecommunication company employees from across the country held a gathering in front of the parliament. The employees who had headed to Tehran from different locations, protested against non-implementation of the Classification Scheme, demanding that with the implementation of the scheme, equal salary and benefits be considered for both official and non-official employees.