Iran protests – Latest

Tabriz (northeast Iran): On September 22, students at Sahand University wrote slogans against mullahs on most of the white boards at the university. The slogans included: “Death to dictator” and “Death to the principle of Velayat-e faqih”

Andimeshk (Khuzestan province, southwest Iran): Taxi-drivers protested that their taxis were not upgraded.

Kerman (southern Iran): Wednesday morning, September 25, retired workers of steel industry and Kerman’s coal industry staged a protest gathering.
They protested their delay in receiving their wages.

Tehran: On September 22, judiciary employees gathered in front of the Head Judiciary Office in protest. They demanded their overdue salaries.

Tehran: A large crowd of the youth staged a protest in front of the football federation and protested interference of the federation in game results.

Saveh (near Tehran): A number of laborers of light steel factory gathered in front of department of labor on September 23. They demanded payment for harmful labor.