Friday, February 3, 2023
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Iran: Student wounded by regime agents dies in hospital

Yaghoub BarvayehA University of Tehran student who was shot from a mosque rooftop by the Iranian regime’s plain-clothes agents during recent protests has lost the fight to stay alive. Yaghoub Barvayeh, 27, was shot on in the head on June 25 by forces of the paramilitary Bassij who had taken positions at the top of Lolagar Mosque in Tehran and shooting into the crowds.

His friends immediately checked him into the Loghman hospital, but he died on July 1 as a result of his wounds, despite attempts by doctors to keep him alive.

Yaghoub was the second child in a family of five from Ahvaz (southeast Iran). According to some reports, he was only able to open his eyes a few minutes before his death, at which time he gripped his mother’s hand and assured her with a fading voice, “Mom, I’m dying for freedom.” He then passed away.

The clerical regime’s security forces took Yaghoub’s body and transferred it to an unknown location. After 48 hours, they informed his family that he had been buried. The agents also sought assurances from the family to refrain from spreading any news about the incident and avoid holding a memorial ceremony.