Sunday, February 5, 2023
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Karoubi: A military Coup d’etat has taken hold

Mehdi KaroubiOne of the former contenders of the Iranian regime’s presidential elections in June has written a letter to the mullahs’ Judiciary Chief, accusing the ruling faction of carrying out a military coup. In his letter, Mehdi Karoubi added that the regime’s paramilitary Bassij Force and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) “raided people’s residences at nights and damaged personal vehicles. They even kidnapped some people and … penetrated the chests of Iran’s sons and daughters with bullets.”

Karoubi warned: Assuming that government officials and perpetrators can silence this wave temporarily thought violence, imprisonment, and coercion, what will they do with the smouldering ashes? What will they do in the face of their lack of domestic and international legitimacy?

Karoubi also mentioned a small portion of the crimes committed by the Bassij and the IRGC during the suppression of recent protests by Iranians, saying: After the election and the hurried and illegal declaration of the results, millions of people protested against the unethical and illegal election process. The authorities could choose to respond through proper legal channels, assuring everyone that the complaints of objecting candidates will be independently verified. But, instead of that, they opened fire on people. They carried out collective arrests of people who protested the illegal results; They raided people’s residences at nights and damaged personal vehicles. They even kidnapped some people. They attacked the university campus and penetrated the chests of Iran’s sons and daughters with bullets.

In his letter to the regime’s Judiciary Chief, Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi, Karoubi goes on to say: In light of all these offences, the unjust arrests, and the illegal detention of hundreds of Iranian citizens in detention centers, and in view of the Judiciary’s independence, it seems that the responsibilities are more than expected. A great number of the detainees are ill and even include pregnant women. A number of them have held posts within the system at various points in recent decades. None have been given the right to legal representation or consultation. The locations where a majority are being held have not been made clear to their families, and even the state of the health of many of them is still shrouded in mystery for their families.

Karoubi added: Today, even Tehran’s prosecutor office is being exploited as a legal means to suppress those who protest the election results. … It is painful that on the one hand, authorities tout the participation of 40 million people [in the election] and say the conflicts are analogous to a simple family feud, but on the other hand, they use utter violence and brutality to suppress their legal protests. This is not how relatives and families treat each other.