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Strike at Iran’s Main Sugarcane Factory


NCRI Staff

NCRI – The Workers Union of Haft-tapeh Sugarcane Company announced that workers of the unit have staged strike on Monday, December 25, in protest against wage arrears and the company’s failure to pay five months unpaid salary.

One of the Haft-tapeh Sugar Cane workers said the number of striking workers was more than 1,000 people, saying they are unhappy with the unreliability and false promises of the private employer of the sugarcane company.

Workers at the Haft-tapeh Sugarcane staged a strike on January 7, 2017, but they terminated their strike following the employer’s promise to fulfill their demands. However, they announced that they would strike again in case of false promises and if their demands are not met.

The strike on January 7 was held after the promises and commitment of the sugarcane private employer were not materialized following the large six-day strike of the unit’s workers in December.

The workers have repeatedly been rallying and striking in protest of their situation, including wage arrears and non-payment of their salaries and premiums for months. The protests have intensified since the transfer of this unit to the private sector.

One of the workers said: “The workers of the Haft-tapeh Sugarcane Company, like the workers of many other companies such as Azarab and Hepco in Arak, Tractor Manufacturing in Tabriz, Kian Tire, Steel Industries, and many phases of Assaluyeh and petrochemical industry are faced with a large number of problems. Their wages are paid only after long delays.”

Meanwhile, the workers’ union of Haft-tapehep sugarcane in its telegram channel announced the beating of Esmail Bakhshi, a representative of the workers. The workers union wrote that “Mr. Bkhshi was brutally attacked and beaten by a few masked men following his speech and after he was going home in the city of Dezful.”

According to the report, the worker was rescued by people, and “the masked gangs fled the area with their vehicles after they saw the people and Mr. Bakhshi’s resistance.”

However, according to the workers’ union, Ismail Bakhshi, “has faced with dislocation and tear of the left shoulder region”, but his physical and general health condition is good. The Workers’ Union of Haft-tapeh Sugarcane condemned the attack on Esmail Bakhshi.