Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Iran: Tehran’s Municipality Announces 20 Trillion Toman Corruption Figure During Former Mayor’s Tenure


Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf

NCRI Staff

NCRI – The head of the Tehran Municipality Budget Committee, said that at least twenty trillion Toman have been lost in Tehran’s municipality during the twelve-year tenure of the IRGC Brig. Gen. Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf as the mayor. He called for a special committee to investigate the widespread corruption cases in the municipality of Tehran during the twelve-year activity of Qalibaf as the mayor of the capital city.

According to Majid Farahani, the income of Tehran’s Municipality in 2016, for example, has been reported as 22 thousands and 700 billion Toman. However, in the report by Qalibaf, the municipality’s income has been announced as being 21 thousands and 130 billion Toman so that it is not clear what has happened to the remaining 1,400 billion Toman.

The case is also true for the municipality’s expenses in 2016 in which the municipality auditor reported that the municipality’s costs in 2016 was 19 thousand and 672 billion Toman, although the mayor himself, Mohammad Baqir Qalibaf, has announced the city’s cost to be 19 thousand 585 billion Toman. Majid Farahani added that the reason for 100 billion Toman difference is not clear at this time. He said that according to the polls, the municipalities are among the most corrupt devices in the public opinion of Iran.

The head of the Tehran City Municipality Budget Committee has added that he himself has examined some construction and development contracts of the Tehran municipality and can dare to say that the figures of the signed contracts are at least two to three times higher than their actual figures. According to Majid Farahani, these contracts have been signed in violation of the law by putting aside tendering procedures, and many contracts and deals of the municipality have been signed not with a legal person, but with a specific person.

Unfortunately corruption in the municipality starts with high-level executives and then goes down to junior executives and managers, Farahani said.