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Belgian Senator Mark Demesmaeker: PMOI’s Resistance Units Played a Vital Role in Iran’s Uprising

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At the September 15 conference held in Brussels by the National Council of Resistance of Iran, Senator Mark Demesmaeker from Belgium expressed his appreciation for acquaintance and working with the Iranians for many years.

Stating that the NCRI and the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) are the only group that has been taken seriously and feared by the terrorist regime in Iran, Senator Demesmaeker explained why they have been the primary target of the regime’s “massive disinformation and demonization campaigns.”

Calling out the West for its appeasement toward a fundamentalist regime that actively engages in blackmail, and hostage-taking and takes part in the aggression against Ukraine, Senator Demesmaeker asked Western lawmakers to stand with the Iranian people and their organized Resistance movement.

The text of Senator Mark Demesmaeker’s speech follows:

Ladies and gentlemen, dear Mrs. Rajavi, I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate my full support for your movement for regime change and for a free Iran.

I’ve worked with representatives of the NCRI and the PMOI for many years, and I believe that this movement represents the best chance for a secular and democratic Iran. They’re also the only group that’s taken seriously and feared by the mullahs and have been the main target of the regime’s massive disinformation and demonization campaigns.

Inside Iran, the PMOI’s Resistance Units have played a vital role in the ongoing uprising, confronting the brutal Islamist fundamentalist regime head-on. Their determination assures me that victory is within our grasp and I sincerely hope that to see the day and to live the day that we can walk freely in the streets of a liberated Tehran.

The Iranian people have spoken loud and clear that they reject both the oppressive rule of the Shah and the current religious dictatorship of the mullahs.

Dear friends, one of my main priorities is the brutal aggression against Ukraine and to make sure to ensure Ukraine’s victory. The Iranian regime is actively participating in the aggression against Ukraine. It is a major threat to European security. The regime is sponsoring terrorism worldwide.

Turning now to the 2022 uprising, it has been a year of remarkable significance. The regime is in a deepening crisis, exacerbated by economic problems, corruption, and internal strife. A new uprising could erupt at any time.

What is important is that we in the West actively support it and do not give in to the regime’s policy of blackmail, and hostage-taking, which we are unfortunately witnessing here these days. The Iranian Resistance has only called on the West not to be an obstacle to democratic change. We parliamentarians should make sure that our governments send a strong message to the people of Iran that we support them for regime change.

History tells us eventually dictatorships fall, and they die, because the people’s spirit of freedom is always stronger, it survives and the mullahs know it and they fear it. Their days are numbered and they know it and they fear it.

And the Iranian people’s quest for freedom and democracy is unstoppable and they know it and they fear it. Let us stand together in solidarity with their cause and work for a free and democratic Iran.

Thank you very much, my friends.