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Belgian Senator Mark Demesmaeker Slams Western Appeasement Policy Vis-à-vis Tehran

Mark Demesmaeker Member of the Belgian Senate 1

In a speech at a Nowruz rally in Brussels on March 20, Belgian Senator Mark Demesmaeker slammed European states for failing to hold the Iranian regime accountable for its brutal approach at home and extending its terrorism abroad. Mr. Demesmaeker also expressed his support for the Iranian Resistance, its leadership, and the Resistance Units inside Iran. 

Below is the script of Belgian Senator Mark Demesmaeker’s speech at the Brussels Nowruz rally: 


Thank you. And let me, first of all, congratulate you on the Iranian new year: Nowruz. Let it be the return of the light and the sun and the colors and life in every meaning of the word. Indeed, I’ve been closely following the situation in Iran, even back in the years when I was a journalist and then after when I got elected in several parliaments. And during my time in the European Parliament, I was very fortunate to organize many meetings of the Friends of a Free Iran intergroup, where we invited Ms. Rajavi many times.  

And now in the past few years, I’ve been a member of the Belgian senate. And of course, I continue your fight for a free Iran. The people of Iran have shown the whole world that they want regime change, that they reject the current religious dictatorship of the mullahs, and that they don’t want to go back to the dictatorship of the Shah. They want a secular, democratic republic and we support them in that.  

Yes, we realize, and we know this regime in Iran is a threat to the security of Europe. The mullahs are actively engaged in Russian aggression against Ukraine. The regime is the number one sponsor of terrorism in the world. It uses its embassies, indeed, here in Europe and its so-called diplomats for terrorism against us, against its opponents, especially the main opposition PMOI.  

The European Union and its member states must take a firm position against the Iranian regime by designating the IRGC in the terrorist list of the European Union. What are they waiting for?  

We must stand up against the terrorism of the Iranian regime strongly because if we show any weakness, any kind of weakness, the mullahs will be even more aggressive. History shows us and proves to us that freedom, democracy, human rights, that independence die when people give up fighting for them when the free world appeases dictators and aggressors. History also showed that dictators eventually fall when the free world stands up to its principles when free people do not give up, and when the free world is united in supporting them.  

And that’s what we have to do. Freedom will prevail, and dictators will fall. That will be the fate of the dictators in Iran, in Russia, in Belarus, and everywhere else. And therefore, I wish to use this opportunity to express my support for the Iranian democratic opposition under the leadership of Mrs.Rajavi.  

The Resistance Units of the PMOI have played a major role in the current uprising. You have faced a very brutal Islamic fundamentalist terroristic regime. But with such motivation, I am sure you and we will succeed. And I sincerely hope that I might live the day that we will be able to take a walk on the streets of a free Tehran. Thank you very much.