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‌Brief Report: Bipartisan U.S. House Majority Resolution Calls for New Approach to Iran Policy Amidst Ongoing Protests and Repression

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Several bipartisan members of the U.S. House of Representatives, representing various committees, have presented a resolution sponsored by a bipartisan House majority, calling for a new approach to Iran policy in light of the continued protests by the Iranian people and stepped-up repression by the regime. 

The resolution, known as H.Res.100, has gained the support of a House majority in the first 50 days of the 118th Congress. It is sponsored by key members of the House Committees on Foreign Affairs, Armed Services, Homeland Security, and Appropriations, as well as the Select Committee on Intelligence, and offers a clear path for a new U.S. policy on Iran. 

The announcement coincides with International Women’s Day and alarming concerns over the ongoing chemical attacks on schoolgirls across Iran. 

The resolution urges the Biden administration to support the Iranian people’s struggle for democracy and human rights while condemning the Iranian regime’s human rights abuses and support for terrorism. It also calls for the administration to take steps to hold the regime accountable for its malign behavior, including its pursuit of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. 

The introduction of this resolution reflects growing concerns among U.S. lawmakers over Iran’s aggressive and destabilizing activities in the region. H. Res. 100 also supports the ten-point plan of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), for the future of Iran. Mrs. Rajavi also addressed the conference online. 

In her message to today’s event, Mrs. Rajavi underlined how since the introduction of the resolution a month ago, the Iranian regime, under different pretexts, has shown its utmost anger and has resorted to massive rhetoric against the noble Members of the U.S. Congress. 

“But House Majority support for this resolution is, in fact, the decisive response of the U.S. House of Representatives to the Iranian regime and the massive disinformation campaign to hinder your support for the Iranian Resistance and people’s uprising,” she added 

“Finally, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, I would like to congratulate everyone rising up for freedom and equality and all those struggling for the elimination of unjust discrimination against women. On this day, we are proud of the Iranian women who are the forerunners for change,” Mrs. Rajavi added.  

Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA 5th District), who is the original co-sponsor of the H. Res. 100, announced that the resolution has been co-sponsored by the absolute majority of the United States House of Representatives.

“The Iranian people have had enough of the human rights abuses, the utter incompetence of the mullahs, and the thuggery of their Iranian Guards. Increasingly, the women of Iran, whose rightful aspirations have been suppressed by the government, and the young people, whose futures have been stolen by that government, have stepped forward to lead the protests regularly occurring throughout the land,” he said.  

He also emphasized that the Iranian people’s message is clear they don’t have to live under the thumb of dictators but can instead take their rightful place among the free people of the world and enjoy human rights, human dignity, human liberties, and prosperity that is the hallmark of free societies.  

In her remarks, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX 18th District) vowed to fight for a free and equal Iran for all, including women, children, and families. She honored women who fought for freedom and advocated for Madam Rajavi, who promotes universal rights, free elections, gender and ethnic equality, and peaceful foreign policies.  

“To the souls in Iran, we honor you. If young women are hearing me, if young men are hearing me, families and children, look at the array of outstanding Iranian Americans, the Iranian Diaspora. They are with you. You are not alone. They’re in this room. They’re in the capital of the United States. They are welcome here. They’re petitioning their government. They’re being heard. And you should take comfort,” she said. 

Representative Brad Sherman (D-CA 32nd District) noted that Iran is currently experiencing a significant moment, with citizens across the country demanding their rights and a peaceful, democratic republic. He also emphasized that while many individuals have been fighting for a democratic Iran since the 1970s, women have taken on a leading role in this movement. On this day, he recognizes Maryam Rajavi as one of the women who has been at the forefront of the fight for democracy in Iran.  

“It has been used as a tactic for decades to stifle the Iranian people’s fight for freedom. This, of course, includes the brutal murders of thousands of dissidents during the 1988 massacre, perpetrated by regime officials now including President Raisi. It lashes out with violence because it doesn’t have an argument and doesn’t have a basis for acquiring the people’s support,” he added.  

Rep. Deborah Ross expressed her pride in being a co-sponsor of the resolution and her solidarity with the women of Iran on International Women’s Day. She emphasized the need for Iranian women to feel safe and free in their own country. 

Rep. Pete Sessions from the 17th District of Texas spoke about Iran’s history since 1979 and the path of terrorism and repression taken by the Revolutionary Guards. He emphasized that any group that kills its own people is a threat to the world and that the internal struggle within Iran is important. He expressed hope for success if they worked together. 

Rep. Nancy Mace from the 1st District of South Carolina emphasized the bipartisan support for the people of Iran who desire the same freedoms, liberties, and democracy. She expressed gratitude to the Iranian people for risking their lives for freedom and said they stand with them. 

Representative Randy Weber (R-TX 14th District) expressed deep concern for the brutality of the Iranian regime toward its own citizens and noted that countless individuals had been killed or disappeared in prison. He emphasizes the need for the United States to take action and support those fighting for change in Iran. Representative Weber expressed gratitude for the work of Maryam Rajavi and others who are leading the charge for a nuclear-free, democratic Iran that its first female president could even lead. 

“No more evil tyrants. Not in Iran. They’ve got to go. This is evident in the revolution. This is the day. This is the cause. The United States is with you. The world is watching. We are all with you. It’s evident in the slogan ‘Death to the dictator, be at the Shah or the leader!’” he added.  

Rep. Don Bacon from the 2nd District of Nebraska stated that he stands with the Iranian people in their desire for freedom, democracy, and human rights and expressed hope that they will one day have a People’s House in Tehran. 

“I stand with the Iranian people. They and we want freedom, democracy, human rights, all the things that Madam Rajavi said,” he emphasized.  

Rep. Robert Aderholt from the 4th District of Alabama expressed his support for House Resolution 100, which expresses the United States Congress’s support for the people’s desire for freedom, democracy, secularism, non-nuclear policies, and freedom of religion. He thanked Albania for being a great friend to those who want to see a new Iran. 

Rep. Glenn Grothman from the 6th District of Wisconsin expressed his support for the people of Persia, who want a free country and a republic built on a constitution that guarantees freedom. 

Rep. Raul Ruiz from the 25th District of California expressed his heartbreak at the stories of young girls being poisoned in schools and public places and emphasized the resilience, grit, and determination of the people of Iran in their pursuit of freedom. 

“But I do believe that there is resilience, grit, and determination. There is hope because of one thing that moves the human spirit and the human soul, regardless of which country you’re from, it’s freedom,” he added.  

Rep. Joe Wilson from the 2nd District of South Carolina emphasized that the conflict between democracies and authoritarians with the rule of guns is a worldwide situation. He expressed his belief that the people of the world will choose the democratic path. 

You’re standing for freedom. You’re standing for the opportunity and particularly for the young people of Iran. They need to have a positive future, and you’re making a difference,” he said.