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Exposing the Mullahs’ Nejat Society in Albania and Its Request to Prosecute MEK Leaders

The National Council of Resistance of Iran – Committee on Security and Counterterrorism

NCRI logoThe branch of the mullahs’ regime’s Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS) in Albania, which until now had been spying and facilitating terrorist activities against the MEK and Ashraf 3 under the name “Association for the Support of Iranians Living in Albania”, citing the “turning point of June 20, 2023” (referring to the attack on Ashraf 3 on June 20, 2023), in an audacious move, announced without any cover-up: “It was decided that, with the permission of the Nejat Society, these activities will continue within the framework of the Nejat Society’s statutes and goals under the title “Albanian Nejat Society” as the official representative of the Nejat Society in Albania to support Iranians”. Obtaining permission from the Nejat Society entails the execution of orders from the notorious Ministry of Intelligence in Tehran, under the name of its CEO in Tehran, Ebrahim Khodabandeh.

In a letter from the MOIS mercenaries, which has been clichéd on the Nejat Society’s website, they write to Ebrahim Khodabandeh in Tehran without reservation or consideration, “After coordinating with the police and the Ministry of Interior of Albania, we request approval to continue our activities freely, in line with the new statute,… as the official representation of the Nejat Society in Albania, to achieve the desired results as soon as possible.”

The MOIS agent, Khodabandeh, responded under the title “Families Awaiting the MEK!” by declaring his consent, saying, “I hope that all of us, with a proper understanding of the June 20, 2023, turning point, which brought families closer to their human rights goals through multiple qualitative steps, can take more effective steps towards the satisfaction of God and the dear and respected families.” The human rights goals of the fascist religious oppressors in the mullahs’ prisons in Iran are not hidden from anyone, and the whole world is aware of them.

  1. Without any doubt or ambiguity, it becomes clear that what the NCRI Security and Counterterrorism Committee had previously stated about the MOIS’s branch in Albania under the title “Association for the Support of Iranians Living in Albania” was entirely accurate and not exaggerated.
  2. To eliminate any ambiguity of the Iranian community in Albania and other countries, we urge the Albanian authorities and the Ministry of Interior to respond appropriately to the claims of the MOIS’s mercenaries regarding the “coordination with the police and the Ministry of Interior of Albania.”

3- We draw the attention of the Albanian government to the public response of the Ministry of Intelligence of the religious fascism ruling Iran to its agents and mercenaries in Albania, which states that “the turning point of June 20, 2023” has brought the Gestapo of the mullahs “multiple qualitative steps closer to their goals” and that “more effective steps” must be taken.

The Iranian Resistance emphasizes the necessity of prosecuting, punishing, and expelling the agents of the Intelligence Ministry, the IRGC, and the terrorist Quds Force from Albania and other European countries.


National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

Security and Counterterrorism Committee

September 28, 2023


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