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Fifty Three Athletes Condemn Iran- Belgium Treaty to Release State Terrorists


July 4, 2022

Excellency Alexander De Croo
Office of the Prime Minister of Belgium
Rue de la Loi 16 BE-1000 Brussels

Dear Prime Minister,

The national and world sports champions, in the Iranian resistance and those who are in the National Council of Resistance, have regrettably learned of a shameful and inhumane agreement between the Belgian government and the terrorist clerical regime ruling Iran.

The fact that the convicted criminals of two countries can serve their sentences in their respective countries, means that the Iranian terrorist diplomat and his accomplices will be released and returned to Iran. This is a clear message that business and politics are more important and take precedent over justice. We consider this an insult to the hundreds of years of struggle for justice and human values by the Belgian and Iranian people.

We strongly condemn this shameful deal with the clerical regime in Iran which empowers the regime to conduct more terrorist acts against its opposition in Europe. It goes without saying that upon approving this deal no Iranian or European citizen will be immune from the actual threat of assassination and terrorism in Europe.

A large number of national sports champions and prominent political figures who have fought the Shah and the clerical dictatorships for decades had the honor of participating in the Villepinte gathering in 2018. In addition to the presence of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, there were thousands of other Iranian, European, and international personalities in attendance. In the event that they were actually successful in blowing up the meeting, thousands of people would have perished.

What is given is that if this deal is approved by the Belgian Parliament, the criminal Assadi would be sent to Iran where he will be received with bouquets of flowers and instead of being transferred to a prison cell, he will be given his private villa where he can enjoy his time while planning his next attack in Europe and Belgium in particular.

As national and world sports champions of the Iranian people, we urge you as the highest-ranking person in the Belgian government and the first person responsible for the protection and security of Belgian and international, and Iranian refugees, to do whatever you can in every way possible to stop this shameful deal from going through. Stopping this deal will be a strong step toward peace and security in Europe and the majority of people in Iran and other people all over the world who have suffered from the terrorist activities of the clerical regime will forever be thankful to you.

  • Moslem Eskandar Filabi: Wrestling champion and winner of 17 international medals
  • Mohammad Ghorbani: Wrestling world champion
  • Firoozeh Ojagh: Member of the Iranian National Basketball team
  • Asghar Adibi: Iranian National Soccer team and member of Shahin and Persepolis teams
  • Hasan Nayeb Agha: Member of Iranian National Team in the 1978 world cup games
  • Abas Novinroozgar: Iranian National Soccer team and a member of Taj team
  • Bahram Movadat: Member of Iranian National Team in the 1978 world cup games
  • Neda Amani: Soccer player and coach for F.C. Fortuna Olten
  • Manochehr Arastopour: Iran’s Rowing Champion
  • Mohammad Reza Yousefali: Member of Iran’s Youth National and Hope teams
  • Khosro Alikhani: Soccer player and a Member of Iran’s champions league
  • Jamsheid Heidarinia: Member of Khuzestan Youth Soccer league
  • Bahman Abedini: Taekwondo Champion
  • Majid Rahimi: Taekwondo Champion, Coach and Referee
  • Masood Eipakchi: Track and Field expert and commentator
  • Siamak Saeedpour: Professional Soccer player
  • Ali Sajadi: Professional Soccer Player for Homa and Iran’s Hope teams
  • Mohammad Azadan: Professional Soccer player and a member of Iran’s Hope team
  • Yousef Mahdavi: Professional soccer player for Homa
  • Mohammad Behroozi: Iran’s official Soccer referee
  • Khosro Parvardeh: Soccer player and coach
  • Glayol Parvardeh: Soccer player and a member of the National Youth Futsal Team
  • Golpar Parvardeh: Gymnastics, Europe’s 2012 runner-up champion
  • Edwin Tehrani: Weightlifter and former member of the Swedish National team
  • Roein Tehrani: Soccer player and manager and consultant to the players
  • Reza Mohammadi Jozani: Soccer player and a member of the National and youth teams
  • Mohammad Darafarin: Soccer player and coach
  • Sivan Barzegar: Kung Fu and Soccer Coach
  • Reza Mohammadi Rouchi: Karate
  • Ardashir Asgari: Wrestling Champion and head of Nicaragua Wrestling Federation
  • Sohrab Shirali: Wrestling Coach and Referee
  • Shokrollah Negahdar: Shiraz Youth Basketball Coach
  • Hekmat Tabasi: Karate Champion and Coach
  • Solmaz Abuali: United States Karate Champion
  • Esmaeil Mohades: Soccer Player
  • Shahram Homayonfar: Member of Homa Soccer team
  • Mosaieb Jalali: Wrestling Champion
  • Hossein Fadakar: Member of Iran’s National Team
  • Kazem Gholami: Iranian and Asian Wrestling Champion
  • Charlie Neely: High school Coach
  • Paul Hammond: High School Coach
  • Matt Megee: High School Coach
  • Mark Patrick: High School Coach
  • Katie Bergstrom: High School Track and field Coach
  • Asghar Saadi Doost: Boxing Coach and Champion
  • Heshmat Shokri: Martial arts champion in Iran and other countries
  • Masood Ebrahimzadeh: Roman-style Wrestling Champion
  • Kamran Geraminezhad: Martial Arts
  • Sohrab Javadian: Boxing coach and Champion
  • Hormoz Safaei: Mountain climbing Champion
  • Ramin Mirzaeian: Member of Nasaji Soccer team In Mazandaran Province
  • Farzad Mahmoodpour: a member of Nasaji Soccer team and soccer coach
  • Mahmood Sarabi: Holder of FIFA World Federation coaching certificate, professional Soccer player, and manager of Soccer Academy