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Former German Parliament Speaker Prof. Rita Süssmuth: Maryam Rajavi Encouraged Us to Keep Fighting

Prof. Rita Süssmuth free iran 2023

Prof. Rita Süssmuth, former President of the German Bundestag (1988-1998), delivered an impassioned speech at the Free Iran World Summit on July 1, 2023. Emphasizing the strength and resilience of the Iranian resistance, Prof. Süssmuth praised the unity and support among parliamentarians, politicians, and people from around the world, especially in Europe, who have come together to stand with the Iranian Resistance and make it stronger than ever before. Addressing the demonization campaigns against the Iranian Resistance and its supporters, Süssmuth expressed her trust in Madame Rajavi and commended her efforts for her people and the cause of democracy worldwide.

The full-text speech of Prof. Rita Süssmuth follows:

As it has always been said, we are not weak. We try to be strong, but it’s not easy to get stronger when there are so many barriers. But let’s say we get stronger and stronger.

So, for myself, we just heard in the afternoon 42 years of Resistance. And distinguished guests, I have to say I was only 12 years, but believe me, I did not give up, and we did not give up. Why? Because a certain conviction, a certain hope, a certain belief gets us strong. And so, with this group, and we have a good group, being themselves or ourselves in resistance, when the government believes there are so many problems with the Iranians.

And we say, yes, we know, for a long time, but we have already overcome a lot. And I have to say, we go on. Today we are not weak. Why do I say it? Because after all our experience, I can assure you, now we have a big group. Never before had we had such a big group of parliamentarians, politicians, of people from all over the world, especially in Europe, that helped us to get stronger.

And, myself, I was really influenced by good personalities, and one of the outstanding personalities was Madame Rajavi because she also encouraged us to say, we continue. And even with the misery points in our evolution, we can say, nobody is able to do it alone.

If you have two or three strong personalities, that’s not enough. You have to find more, to invite them, as it was done today by several speakers, and I can continue and say, today all the bad news about the Iranian |Resistance is an expression of fear.

And I would say, in the meantime, of recognition. They fear that there could be something urging them to change, but they still resist change. And I have to say here, when you remember the misery, the torture, the killing done to Iranians, I would say women and men, because both genders are concerned, that is a misery unbelievable, no dignity, no appreciation, no shame. Nevertheless, we continued.

And it has been done by many, many people, parliamentarians, and governments. Of course, there are sometimes tensions between governments and parliaments, that’s democracy. Answering the question of Mr. Védrine the question, how will we develop our democracy, there are dangers, risks, and opportunities.

But let’s speak about the opportunities, not only about the dangers. I have to say, look not at all these campaigns against certain personalities. Madam Rajavi, we trust in you, and we know what you have done for your people, and not only for your people but for the democratic appreciation in the whole world. And we don’t know how it will end.

And believe me, human individuals, they have weaknesses. Sometimes they are even ugly, but they have a lot of potential, a lot of strength. And we continue, don’t stop to hope, to follow values, we need them.

And don’t believe that females are weak. We are strong and get stronger, but in cooperation with one another, and not against one another, that’s idiotic, in a time when we need one another to fight against one another.

And therefore, I finish here, and I will tell you once more, sometimes I have big doubts, and then the other day I think, you have to continue. And it’s worthwhile to go on fighting, resisting, and giving good messages.