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Former FBI Director Louis Freeh: Resistance Units Represent Courage of Deep and Principled Convictions

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Among the exceptional US and international delegations at the Free Iran World Summit 2023 was Mr. Louis Freeh, former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He commended the courage and conviction of the freedom fighters and Resistance Units inside Iran, particularly admiring the young women involved. Alongside other esteemed officials on stage, Freeh stood by Madame Rajavi, considering her a hero and inspiration. He highlighted the regime’s loss of confidence in facing a restive society and the Iranian people, expressing optimism about the fight for freedom.

The full text of Mr. Louis Freeh’s speech follows:

We’re delighted and honored to be here. You have an incredible US delegation. Just as wonderful, you have an outstanding international delegation, and we’re very happy and proud, Madam Rajavi, to be here again with you in Paris to mark a great milestone in the fight for freedom.

We want to send very brief messages, first of all, to everyone here, our friends, but also to those who have been, as Senator Lieberman said, fantastic in the back there. We thank you so much for your energy and your support. Terrific, absolutely terrific. And of course, to our colleagues and friends on the streets of Paris today, the freedom fighters, the Resistance Units, absolutely incredible images, and representing courage of deep and principled convictions. And of course, to the demonstrators and the young women and men, but particularly the young women who we admire.

You have here on stage, actually, several hundred years of government experience, military, political, law enforcement, judicial. And, Madam Rajavi, we stand by you for many, many reasons, but you know that you have been, for us, a hero and inspiration and a reason to act and fight. We thank you so much.

My friend and colleague Judge Mukasey, is going to present a letter to Madam Rajavi, which has already been seen, but we wanted to do it in this group. And it’s a letter signed by dozens of American officials, most of everyone on the stage here, telling you from our heart what we believe and what we feel, and how we respect and admire what you’re doing and how optimistic we are about this fight. The regime is a little bit like, in my experience as a prosecutor, we used to call it a continuing criminal enterprise, right? And it’s run by gangsters, and they have their own rules. But at some point, that enterprise caves in and collapses on the weight of its own evil. And particularly here, because the regime has lost the confidence of the Iranian people, political confidence, economic confidence, and moral confidence.

We want to thank all of you here for your support and your representation. We want to thank all of the friends of the NCRI and the MEK. We want to thank the Albanian government because that was the only country that stepped forward to rescue and protect them when they were being massacred in Iraq.

We want to also thank our Department of State. If you remember, then Deputy Secretary Blinken and Ambassador Weiner were the architects from the US side of getting that incredibly difficult negotiation and relocation done. So, we want to thank them also today. Judge, I’m going to let you make a remark and a presentation. Madam Rajavi, we’re going to ask you to come up just to receive our letter.