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Iran Regime’s Officials Express Their Fear About PMOI/MEK Activities in Propagating Information on 1988 Massacre


NCRI – In response to “the justice seeking Movement for victims of 1988 massacre” and along with the three-day Iranian Resistance Satellite TV ‘Simay Azadi‘s’ event on the anniversary of the Massacre, state run Basij News writes,” The People’s Mojahedin of Iran (MEK/PMOI) has organized the maximum propagandas and military activities against the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Basij News added,” The unresolved issue is that how some of the political circles support the MEK’s measures in the current situation and they question the events of the 80s while trying to call the hangman as a martyr.”

Basij News also refers to MEK’s disclosures concerning the bomb constructions in Iran, writing, “Disclosing regime’s nuclear activities was the pretext for imposing the most extensive sanctions against the Iran regime.”

The Head of Regime’s Research Center also referred to the advancement of the Justice Seeking Movement, stating, “Some of the regime’s enemies have been seriously involved in the Justice Seeking Movement of 1988 during the past two or three years and the number of those executed is rising exponentially by each year.”

Mohammad Hossein Zarifian expressed concern about the release of evidence about Khomenei’s order on MEK’s genocide in 1988, and stated, “The foreign channels broadcast different documentaries on this matter. The summer is the peak of such broadcasts and these executions are named as a holocaust for MEK.”

An expert on political issues, Foad Yazidi in a meeting entitled with “The Islamic Human Rights’ Conference” referred to the great gathering of MEK in Paris. He stated,” France hosts Iran’s enemies whereas it established economic relations with Iran after the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).”

Foad Yazidi also stated, “We had a lot of sanctions before Iran Nuclear Deal. However, the question is that who is left out of sanctions after this deal? According to this law even The President could be sanctioned, The U.S. has enlisted us as the enemy country. Consequently it doesn’t make much of difference to give or not to give concessions as long as we are on this list.”