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Iran-Resistance: “I admire immensely your courage” (Paulo Casaca, MEP)

paulo Casaca et Maryam Radjavi, at the gathering of 30.000 Iranians for democracy in Iran with Maryam RajaviNCRI – Among the numerous parliamentarians and political personalities from Europe and North America who attended the gathering of 30,000 Iranians in Le Bourget near Paris on July 1st, Paulo Casaca took the floor to salute the Iranian Resistance. The Portuguese MEP expressed outrage that Europe would prosecute those who try to install democracy in Iran :

Ladies and gentlemen,

In the name of Friends of Free Iran in the European Parliament, I am here today to first salute the Iranians of Iran that have been so courageously challenging the dictatorship installed in this country. Saluting the bus drivers of Tehran that made a historical strike against the regime. Saluting the workers, the Iranian workers that in the first of May challenged the regime and asked the questions that everybody asks.

How come a country flooded with oil that has among its political leaders someone like Rafsanjani who is one of the richest men in the world? How come this country that is developing a nuclear bomb to threat the whole world, that is supporting terrorism all over, in Iraq, in Lebanon, in Israel and Palestine, how come that this very same government does not have the money to pay the salary of its workers and drove the income of the whole country to one third of what it was just 28 years ago?

So I would also say to all of those from the minorities in Iran, that are demanding the right to maintain their culture, we are with them. They have the right to speak their language and to have their culture. It is atrocious to see this Iranian regime not respecting either these rights. To those Iranians that are in Iraq, especially in Ashraf and to all the five million two hundred thousand Iraqis that supported them in a common declaration. To those I would like to say that I admire immensely your courage. The way you keep firm defending values that are so dear to all of us.

And my third salute is going to Iranians that are living with us here in Europe and very especially to Maryam Rajavi. It was outrageous to see three years ago a Europe that has not been capable of facing the challenges posed by the Iranian regime. To see this very same Europe prosecute those who try to install democracy in Iran. It was a black page in the European history.

This black page started to be turned but we have to insist to United States and the European Union that we have to withdraw the People’s Mojahedin of Iran from the terrorist list where they should have never been and we shall instead put the Iranian regime who are the real terrorists in this list and in the first place of our struggle for democracy and against tyranny.

To all of you Iranians everywhere wherever you are in Iran, in Iraq, here in Europe or elsewhere to all of you, I want to tell you, we will make it, we will win, we will put these mullahs out of their place where they are now. Thank you very much