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Iran-UK: Parliamentary group deplores mullahs’ Intelligence ploys in UK

Lord Corbett of Castle ValeNCRI, November 11 – The activities of the Iranian Intelligence in Britain was deplored by The British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom in a statement issued on November 9.

The statement said that it “has become aware that known agents of the Iranian regime’s Intelligence Ministry acting under the pretence of ‘Iran Interlink,’ a shadowy group believed to be linked to the Mullahs, are to hold a press conference on 10th November.”

“They have been sent to explain away the Iranian President’s incitement to terrorism. This signals the regime’s weakness,” commented Lord Corbett of Castle Vale, Chairman of the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom.

“It is incredible that those using terror at home, sponsoring and inciting it abroad should think anyone sensible in London wants to listen to them,” added Lord Corbett.

“Their wild allegations about the People’s Mojahedin Organisation of Iran, PMOI show the success of the Iranian Resistance (The umbrella organisation for opposition in Iran including the PMOI) in exposing the Mullahs’ nuclear deception, their aid to those killing British troops in Iraq and their escalating abuse of human rights,” said Lord Corbett.

More than half of the Members of Parliament and 122 Peers have called for the removal of the terrorist proscription of the PMOI, according to the parliamentary committee’s press release.