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Iranian Intelligence spending huge sums on disinformation campaign

Lars Rise, former member of the Norwegian Parliament from Christian Democratic PartyNCRI, November 16 – Lars Rise, former member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Norwegian Parliament from the Christian Democratic Party who visited the Camp Ashraf in Iraq while he was an MP last year, spoke of his experience with the People’s Mojahedin Organization (PMOI) in his address to the rally in Brussels on November 7 which was attended by 35,000 Iranians:

Today, together we have shown strength and a tremendous support for a democratic and free Iran.
I would like to use this opportunity to greet all my friends in Camp Ashraf, so if you can see me in Ashraf, “Salam ! Salam bar Dalirane Ashraf” (Hi, Hi to the brave people of Ashraf).
It was so great to be together with you four month ago. You have proven to me that things which may appear impossible, made possible. You are actually living examples that mankind  is able to overcome conflicts and hostility through love and passion and you my friends in Camp Ashraf have shown how it is possible to live and communicate the love of God in the midst of great trouble and persecutions.
I have to tell you that my wife and I were overwhelmed by you. In fact my wife enjoyed it so much there, that I was concerned that she would not come back with me home. And she stated defiantly that she will go back and see you and she looks very much forward to it and she will bring friends from Norway to Camp Ashraf. We were so impressed that so many of you have given up everything, houses and apartments, joy of spending time with family and friends, job and careers, incomes and material goods just for the sake of the Iranian people.
You have shown us the importance of the language of firmness. I must say that the contrast between your message and the message of Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran, becomes very strong. The picture of Iran as the international center for supporting violence and terror becomes more and more clear.
We know that Iran supports terror acts in the Middle East. We know that Hezbollah is the product of Iran. I met with about 20 Iraqi political leaders last summer. They told me that Iraq actually have been occupied by two states, United States of America and Iran. So we know that many car bomb attacks have been planned in Tehran. I hope that the international community will realize this.
It is a great paradox that the movement fighting against these policies is being labeled as a terrorist organization. As a member of parliament I experienced through many years how the Iranian regime spent so much resources spreading lies and spreading false information and confusing the members of the Parliaments but my experience is this, the truth is never dangerous. The truth will prevail and in the end I think we will see that the name of the PMOI will be removed from the terrorist list.
I actually believe it is only a matter of time because we can see the movement now in the direction of removing the terror label. I can assure you that I will take part in this struggle until we see the name is removed. Actually I can promise you that until we see a free and democratic Iran I will remain part of this struggle. I will stand by you and fight for human rights and democracy.