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Iran-Opposition: Tehran’s sinister disinformation campaign

Mohammad MohaddessinNCRI, November 15 – Speaking to the rally of 35,000 Iranians in Brussels on November 7, Mr. Mohammad Mohaddessin, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the NCRI, addressed the foreign ministers of the European Union and said that the time has come to end all hesitation. The huge participation here today is an indication of the Iranian people’s determination to topple the anti-human regime of the mullahs and to establish democracy in Iran. The participants here today say that if Western policies towards the Iranian people and the mullahs’ regime are neutral, the people shall determine the regime’s fate on their own.
Mr. Mohaddessin referred to the mullahs’ regime’s plotting against the Iranian Resistance and in particular against the Mojahedin in Ashraf camp and said that the Iranian regime had planned before the war to take advantage of the war situation to eliminate its main opposition, the Mojahedin. The regime initiated a ruthless psychological war and disseminated lies that the Mojahedin had participated in the suppression of the Iraqi people, and hid WMD in their bases. It aimed to prepare the ground for the bombing of the Mojahedin by coalition forces, which eventually resulted in the death of 50 Mojahedin members.
When the Mojahedin were not destroyed in the bombing campaign, the Iranian regime strived to have the Mojahedin extradited or at least expelled from Iraq. This too met with failure and everyone in Ashraf camp was accorded protected persons status under the Fourth Geneva Conventions. The mullahs’ regime became very angry as it considers the Mohajedin and the Iranian resistance as the only threat to its existence.  The mullahs know very well, particularly after Ahmadinejad’s selection as president, that referral to the UN Security Council and international sanctions are dangerous only if the Iranian resistance movement is present as a serious and viable political alternative. This is precisely why they have stooped so low in the past four months to plot against the resistance:
•    The kidnap of two Mojahedin members who were on a procurement errand in Baghdad
•    Meddling in the draft of the Iraqi constitution to undercut the right to refugee status of the Mojahedin
•    Call for execution of the Mojahedin in Iraqi newspapers funded by the Iranian regime
•    Attempts to link the resistance and its leadership to the trial of the former president of Iraq with a host of lies
•    Interruption of medical and food supplies to Ashraf city at the regime’s request. These supplies were purchased from the ministries of health and commerce by the Mojahedin just like all other residents of Iraq. Now the Mojahedin are forced to procure the supplies from the black market at extraordinarily high prices.
The Iranian regime also attempts to recruit individuals who cannot continue the struggle in the present very difficult circumstances, and has turned the temporary internment facility run by US forces for such individuals into a recruiting camp without the knowledge of US forces. These individuals abuse the trust of the Mojahedin to gather intelligence and pass it on to the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) through the individuals in the temporary US internment facility.
Several of these MOIS recruited agents have left for Iran from the temporary US internment facility and have been subsequently dispatched to Paris by the MOIS to participate in the disinformation and demonizing campaign against Ashraf camp and to prevent the de-listing of the Mojahedin from the terror list; a move that has a large number of sponsors today.