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Iranian New Year celebrations continue

Iranian New Year celebrations continueNCRI – The Iranian New Year which starts on March 21 is traditionally marked by major celebrations for the first two weeks of the year. But Iranians back home, under the rule of the religious dictatorship face severe restrictions.

Despite bans and government measures to prevent celebrations, Iranians mark the new year in its traditional forms as a gesture of defiance of the fundamentalist regime.

Iranians living abroad keep the tradition live by getting together and celebrating the occasion by Persian ceremonies including music, dance, songs and special food and snacks.

Supporters of the Iranian Resistance organized New Year events across the world from North America to Europe and Australia.

In Vancouver, Canada, some 200 people joined the New Year’s celebration on March 25 in Mire Butler Hall in the city center. Paul Forseth, former Conservative member of the Canadian Parliament also attended the ceremony and expressed his support for the Iranian Resistance. Addressing the participants, he stressed that he will continue his support until freedom and democracy is established in Iran.

Similar ceremonies were held in other parts of Canada. There is also going to be a special Persian evening at the British Parliament on Wednesday, March 29, where a number of Peers and MPs are going to attend.