Sunday, February 5, 2023
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Another plane crash reported in Iran

Another plane crash reported in IranNCRI – A cargo plane was reported to have crashed today near Tehran. This was reported by the clerical regime’s official news agency and the state-run television on Tuesday evening but they provided no accurate information on the casualties on board or on the ground.

This is the third plane crash in the past four months, raising alarm increasingly among the nation. Callers from Tehran expressed fear as the state of air transport industry is deteriorating. One caller from western Tehran said: "Your life is threatened either on board the plane or on the ground," referring to a plane crash in a Tehran residential area back in December leaving over 100 people killed and dozens more wounded.

Another caller from Tehran said: "General public live in fear. They say if the regime cannot manage the safety of its planes then how can it manage the safety of its very dangerous and highly complicated nuclear plants."

The Iranian regime has blamed previous plane crashes on sanctions but it does not explain what it has done to overcome this problem after 27 years in power while risking the lives of ordinary people everyday, said Hamid from Tehran. "Thousands of people are getting killed every year on road accidents and lack of safety measures in industry and other areas and it is getting worse. How can the regime explain these?"