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Iran’s Opposition Exposes Regime’s Sham Elections in Washington D.C. Press Conference

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During a press conference on February 22, the Representative Office of the National Council of Resistance of Iran in Washington, D.C., brought attention to significant findings about Iran’s electoral process. Alireza Jafarzadeh, the Deputy Director, led the conference and discussed internal documents revealing that many Iranians are inclined to boycott the regime’s elections. Additionally, the absence of various regime factions during the electoral proceedings was highlighted.

Jafarzadeh, accompanied by international media representatives, dissected the regime’s electoral strategy led by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. This strategy involved excluding rival factions and removing key regime figures. Jafarzadeh pointed out that this extensive purge reflects the regime’s fear of internal unrest and its efforts to strengthen warmongering and terrorism activities, which it deems vital for its survival.

During the conference, Alireza Jafarzadeh delved into the role of the regime’s parliament, highlighting that the Majlis functions primarily as a political and legal facade for the regime’s machinery of repression and terrorism. He stressed that the parliament’s actions typically result in passing laws and regulations that further escalate the suppression and executions of the Iranian people, offering no substantive solutions beyond these measures.

Jafarzadeh emphasized the sweeping purge initiated by Khamenei during the electoral process, which led to the expulsion of rival factions and numerous individuals who had previously been loyal to him. He underscored that this purge is likely to erode the regime’s social support base, destabilize the entire system, and exacerbate power struggles and internal tensions within the regime. Additionally, he noted that historical precedent suggests that such purges are incapable of quelling uprisings and the activities of the People’s Mojahedin of Iran-affiliated Resistance Units.

Jafarzadeh also addressed recent documents that emerged following the seizure of parliament servers. He shared some of these documents during the conference, unveiling instances of theft and corruption within the legislative body. Additionally, he drew attention to letters and directives issued by the Supreme Leader, which were aimed at bolstering the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and other repressive organs of the regime. Furthermore, he highlighted the regime’s efforts to expand its terrorist and warmongering activities in the region, particularly in maritime zones, as outlined in these documents.

In conclusion, Jafarzadeh reaffirmed that the Iranian people view the solution and future of Iran not in the rigged elections orchestrated by the Guardian Council and the Interior Ministry of the regime, but in uprisings, demonstrations, and the activities of Resistance Units aimed at overthrowing the entire clerical regime.

He stated, “The March 1 elections, so-called elections, are truly fabricated. The majority of the general public will boycott it, as they have done before. The reason Khamenei has embarked on extensive purges is the fear of repetition of uprisings.”

The Deputy Director of the NCRI Representative Office in the United States urged the U.S. government, European countries, and the United Nations to reimpose all past sanctions against the regime, called for recognition of the rights of the Iranian people and PMOI Resistance Units to defend themselves against the repression and emphasized the need to hold the regime accountable for crimes against humanity, terrorism, and warmongering.

The press conference concluded with a question-and-answer session, providing further insights into the issues discussed.