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Ramadan Conference: United with Iranian Uprising and Resistance for Democratic Republic

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On Sunday, March 26, Ramadan Conference, marks the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, a time of fasting, prayer, reflection, and community for Muslims worldwide. The conference titled happens amidst the backdrop of the Iranian people’s uprising against the ruling religious dictatorship, which has resulted in more than 750 fatalities, with tens of thousands arrested and subjected to torture and a number of demonstrators executed. The mullahs’ regime in Iran has taken foreign hostages, international terrorist operations, exporting terrorism abroad, supporting terrorist groups, and destructive interventions in the Middle East, with the aim of spreading instability and insecurity.


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Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

Dear friends, sisters, brothers, and distinguished guests,

Ramadan Kareem! Happy Ramadan to you and to all Muslims, especially in France.

As we enter the holy month of Ramadan, we cannot ignore the stark reality faced by our fellow Muslims in Iran, where the fundamental messages of Islam – freedom, justice, mercy, and emancipation – are being trampled upon by a repressive religious dictatorship.

According to official figures, a majority of Iranians are living below the poverty line, while the military and repressive organs continue to receive increased funding, and public services face devastating budget cuts.

Despite these challenging circumstances, the Iranian people’s uprising has been ongoing for the past six months. However, the regime has responded with a brutal crackdown to prevent its expansion, resulting in the tragic loss of more than 750 innocent lives, including children, at the hands of the IRGC. Yet, the movement continues to gain momentum.

Our Baluchi compatriots in Zahedan have once again taken to the streets to demand the overthrow of the regime, boldly chanting “down with Khamenei” and “down with the oppressor, be it the shah or the mullahs’ leader.”

On March 14, the people transformed the fire festival into a powerful anti-regime demonstration, and on March 16, they gathered beside the tombs of those slain in the uprising, raising their voices in unison with the powerful slogans “down with the dictator” and “down with Khamenei.”

Like any revolution, we faced two deceptions by the regime and its allies.

The regime and its allies abroad are engaging in a deceptive campaign, attempting to insinuate that the demonstrators seek to return to the monarchy in order to derail the uprising. This insidious tactic is aimed at quashing any hope for progress and democracy in Iran’s future.

They seek to convince the Iranian people that their only options are to accept the current situation or to return to the previous dictatorship. However, the Iranian people have reacted with unwavering resolve, both in Iran and abroad, with the powerful slogan “down with the oppressor, be it the shah or the mullahs’ leader.”

Support the Iranian people’s Revolution

Dear friends,

In these critical times, while foreign governments have yet to take concrete actions to support the Iranian people, parliamentary representatives from Europe, the United States, and the UK have demonstrated their unwavering commitment to the Iranian people’s revolution for a democratic republic. This is evident in the resounding majority resolution passed by the US Congress and the numerous declarations signed by elected representatives in European parliaments.

Furthermore, the mullahs’ deceptive campaign seeks to imply that the Iranian people’s uprising is against Islam and the hijab, rather than against the oppressive regime. This blatant lie is easily refuted by the slogans that have been chanted during the protests, which unequivocally target the dictatorship. The Iranian people’s goal is not to ask anything from the regime, but to overthrow it.

The Iranian people’s slogans boldly state their opposition to Khamenei, the IRGC, and the corrupt factions within the ruling clique. It is essential to underscore that this revolution is not a mere protest against the veil, but a bold stand against its compulsory imposition. As one of the women’s slogans eloquently declares, “With hijab or without hijab, onwards to the revolution!”

This uprising transcends all ethnic and religious divisions and belongs to all Iranians.

The genuine Islam

Khomeini and his successor, Khamenei, sought to position themselves as representatives of God and Islam on earth, branding their opponents as enemies of Islam and God, or Mohareb.

Since the outset of the 1979 revolution, the People’s Mojahedin of Iran has been steadfast in defending its objectives, which include freedom. It valiantly spoke out against Khomeini and paid a high price for its dissent.

At that time, it was challenging to discern the true nature of the regime, but the PMOI, which championed genuine Islam, made it clear that Islam is a religion of compassion and emancipation, not what the new rulers of Iran claimed it to be. Islam is not misogynistic but founded on freedom, equality, and free choice for all individuals, regardless of their gender or religion. As the Quran says: “The most honorable among you to God is the most pious.”

We have staunchly opposed religious compulsion, emphasizing that it runs counter to the teachings of Islam, and citing the Quran to argue that the prophets came to free humanity from bondage. We asked, ‘If this is so, why have you come only to chain the people further?’

In this vein, we pointed out that in Islam, sovereignty is right bestowed upon the people, and that it is their decision to make.

These rights were outlined in Massoud Rajavi’s platform for the January 1980 presidential election in Iran, the NCRI Plan for the separation of religion and state in 1985, and the 10-point plan for the future of Iran, which advocates free and fair elections, the separation of religion and state, gender equality, and a non-nuclear Iran.

For us, freedom of choice is both an ethical and a political imperative. The regime would prefer that its main opposition force not be Muslim, but the People’s Mojahedin have persevered and deeply impacted Iranian society, precisely because of their unwavering commitment to humanitarian values and genuine Islam.

The PMOI’s selflessness in the face of the regime’s religious dictatorship has exposed Khomeini and his successors as demagogues who exploit Islam for their own interests, and as criminals who have imprisoned and oppressed the Iranian people, while spreading death, terrorism, and fundamentalism throughout the region.

Dear friends, dear sisters, and brothers,

What is happening in Iran right now is nothing short of a historical transformation, and your support for the Iranian people and Resistance is playing a crucial role in this great upheaval. At this critical juncture, I urge you to convey the messages of the Iranian people’s uprising and democratic revolution to the world.

As we enter the holy month of Ramadan, I wish you a blessed and peaceful celebration.

We need your prayers and support during this month.

May this Ramadan bring peace and friendship to the region and the Middle East, and may the Muslim world be freed from the scourge of the mullahs.

Thank you all.

Sheikh Dhaou Meskine


Sheikh Dhaou Meskine, Council of Imams of France’s Secretary General

The cause of freedom in Iran concerns all of us. The Ashrafis teach us lessons of patience and sacrifice. The events in Ashraf and Camp Liberty are a model to follow for the world. The people of Iran are the hope for the people of the region. Change in Iran will not be limited to Iran. The entire region needs change in Iran. As I have told Madam Rajavi, not only Iran but the entire region needs you.

Islam is a religion of peace, which protect the rights of human beings. The vision of Islam is not what the Iranian regime is displaying. As Muslims, we respect justice, liberty, and human rights. We can’t pretend to speak about religion if we don’t respect human rights and human beings. This regime can’t pretend to be Islamic.

This struggle is the struggle of all humanity.

Sheikh Taissir Tamimi 1

Sheikh Taissir Tamimi, Chief Islamic Judge of the Palestinian National Authority

I am inspired by the vision of the Iranian Resistance about Islam. The speech of Mrs. Rajavi depicts the fight between real Islam and the perverted Islam of Khomeini. The regime is abusing religion. What they are doing has nothing to do with Islam. Islam is the religion of peace and God has created all women and men equal. God also says there is no compulsion in religion. These are the ethics that the MEK is following. 

Anissa Boumediene 1

Anissa Boumediene, former First Lady of Algeria

One of the fundamental verses of the Quran is that there is no compulsion in religion. Islam also encourages Muslims to follow science and progress throughout life. You must study the Prophet to understand his respect for women. Islam abolished many of the outdated misogynistic traditions at the time.  

I would also like to share some thoughts with our friends in Ashraf. We must always have hope. We lose when we lose hope. Soon or later, divine justice will be delivered. The regime in Iran will eventually fall. We must keep hope and support our brothers and sisters who are fighting for true Islam. 

Ayatollah Jalal Ganjei 1

Ayatollah Jalal Ganjei, Chairman of the Committee on Freedom of Religions and Denominations of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

We have to remember that these protests are the continuation of the bravery of the past four decades of the Iranian Resistance. This movement has been showing the way to new generations. Rightfully it now has international support. It is an asset for our nation.

Today, there is great rifts in the religious fascism ruling Iran. Even Khamenei personally complained that high religious authorities did not support his repressive policies. Despite his threats, he couldn’t get the support of the religious community. Iran will not go back to six months ago. This was a big defeat for the regime.

Criticism of the state increased to such an extent that some officials even questioned the constitution, regime founder Khomeini, and the executions in the 1980s. Even the war against Iraq is now being criticized by regime insiders.

We’re also seeing unity among the Iranian people across the country. People are chanting “Death to the dictator” and “Death to the oppressor, be it Shah or the supreme leader.”

The head of the snake ruling in Iran must be cut. The world, in comparison to the past, is more aware of the threats and dangers of this regime, its nuclear weapons, and its other threats to modern society.

The conclusion, which was clearly reflected in the speech of Maryam Rajavi, is that our fight belongs to all of humanity. We are fighting against those who are destroying Islam. We see you as our companions in this fight. We need your voice, your prayers, and your wishes for the people of Iran.

Khalil Meroon Director of the Grand Mosque of Avery

Khalil Meroon, Director of the Grand Mosque of Avery

The mullahs who are running the country are disoriented. They are not Muslims. Islam respects humanity, it poses no constraints on others. And when I read the Quran, I haven’t found a single verse where God tells the Prophet to tell the people what to believe and not believe. 

The mullahs are sowing the seeds of conflict. Madam Rajavi is a model head of state. The ten-point plan is for a democratic Iran that rejects all forms of discrimination, between men and women, between Muslims and non-Muslims.  

We live in France, which is a marvelous country. There is much hate against Islam here. It is because of the image that the mullahs are displaying. Let’s be united in the struggle not only for the freedom of Iranians but to restore the perfect image of true Islam. 

Islam is a marvelous religion. We must fight tyranny together. 

Nazir Hakim 1

Nazir Hakim, former Secretary General of the Syrian Coalition 

I represent the people of Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon, which have revolted along with the Iranian people. It has been 12 years since the massacres began in my country Syria. Millions of people have been displaced and lost their hope. The Syrian regime, in league with the Iranian regime, committed these crimes. Everywhere, the regime sows rifts and divisions and causes desolation and destruction. The regime has committed crimes against the people of the region. But before that, it has brought poverty and misery to its own people. I ask you to pray for the Syrian people and the Iranian Resistance who have been fighting for forty years, who have made progress and have made many sacrifices. I hope for your victory. You are the ideal representatives of liberty. 

Those who are competent in running Iran are not the mullahs. It is the Iranian Resistance and the Iranian people. Madam Rajavi has presented the ten-point plan for the prosperity and freedom of Iran. This plan will restore the values of liberty and peace and tolerance not only to Iran but also to the region. The regime tries to present a false picture of the Resistance and hide its own real image.  

In Iran, there are those who are trying to divert the Iranian revolution, like what the monarchists are trying to do by pretending to be the representatives of the Iranian people. The truly viable alternative is that which is countering the regime, which is trying to restore freedom in Iran. 


George Sabra 1

George Sabra, prominent representative of the Syrian opposition 

After propagating crimes in Iran, the mullahs have committed crimes in the countries of the region, especially in Syria. Qassem Soleimani was known in the region for his crimes. Ebrahim Raisi was known for his role in the 1988 massacre of political prisoners. 

The Iranian Resistance has stood against these crimes. These protests have continued since the death of Mahsa Amini despite the cruelty of the regime. It will continue until the final victory by the people and youth of Iran. The Iranian Resistance will make sure that the voice of the people is heard across the globe.  

The Iranians have rejected the dictator of the Shah as well. I salute the Iranian people who are bringing spring to the region. 

Ahmad Al Mosabli 1

Ahmad Al-Mosabli, Advisor to Yemen’s Minister of Publicity 

I salute Madam Rajavi and the members of the NCRI, the sisters and brothers of the Resistance, the heroes in Iran, who are heroes not only for Iran but for the entire region. Those who ruled in Iran seized power. They were not elected. They are not legitimate. When we met with the combatants in Ashraf 3, I met with many MEK members. 

The Yemeni people were killed by the militia of the Iranian regime. I salute you on behalf of the Yemeni people. We are sure that the Iranian people will be victorious, and they will be liberated from the tyranny of the Iranian regime. We will have freedom in Iran, Yemen, and Lebanon. All these countries will be liberated from the tyranny of Khamenei. 

We are not only talking about what the Iranian people have endured but also what is happening in other countries, such as Yemen. There are heinous crimes. It’s not only the nuclear weapons that must be feared. The real atomic bomb is the regime itself.  

This will be a month for victories.  

Anouar Malek 1

Anouar Malek, prominent writer and former rapporteur on Syria in the Arab League 

The regime continues its repression. But the Iranian people and the MEK who have paid the price for the freedom of their country, have grown, and become a legitimate resistance movement.  

The regime has expanded its terrorism to different parts of the Middle East. No one is spared from the regime’s terrorism. The great resistance of the Iranian people has proven its steadfastness. You can see pictures of Maryam and Massoud Rajavi across the country. At the same time, Resistance Units are ripping apart pictures of Khamenei. We must help the people of Iran. The appeasement policy that some countries continue to follow is mistaken. The regime takes advantage of this policy to spread its terrorism.  

The regime has not only suppressed its own people but also the people of the region. The only solution is to get rid of this terrorist regime as it spares no one. We have witnessed this in Syria, where the people are paying the price of the regime’s intervention every day. Hopefully, we will soon meet in a free Iran. 

Illi Marouni 1

Illi Marouni, former Minister of Lebanon 

You are trying to bring about democratic change in Iran. You reject all forms of tyranny. You’re trying to bring freedom to all the people of Iran. The people in Lebanon are suffering at the hands of Hezbollah, which is a proxy of the Iranian regime. The same is happening in Yemen and other countries. 

We wish you peace and democracy. You are walking a just path. 


Aiham Alsammarae 1

Aiham Alsammarae, Iraq’s former Minister of Electricity 

More and more people are joining the Resistance Units. The regime is becoming weaker, and Khamenei is afraid of the Resistance. In the past six months, the regime has become even more frightened of the Resistance. The recognition of the Resistance across the globe is growing, including the recent resolution of the U.S. Congress.  

The people are also rejecting a return to the previous dictatorship of the Shah. Many personalities have expressed their support for the plan of the Iranian Resistance. The mullahs are on the losing side. States should support the Resistance.  

In the free world and in Arab countries, states must support the Resistance and reject the appeasement policy, which has only empowered the regime. 

Today, we want to express our solidarity with the Iranian people and call on the leaders of the Arab world to stop any deals with the Iranian regime, which has caused much suffering to the people of the region with its network of militias. 

The people of the Arab world, like you, want to see the downfall of this regime. 


Rabbi Moshe Levin 1

Rabbi Moshe Levin, Vice President of the Conference of European Rabbis, Special Assistant to the Rabbi of France

This ten-point plan of Maryam Rajavi is important for the Iranian people, for all the women and men that compose these people. We can’t speak of the Jewish people without talking about the Jewish community in Iran.  

Every day I am saddened by seeing people killed, beaten, and imprisoned. Religion must bring people together and unify society, not divide people.  

Peace requires hard work. This is what Maryam Rajavi and her organization are doing. They want to create a new model that helps people to live in prosperity and peace with each other. 


Sihem Badi former Tunisian Minister of Womens Affairs 1

Sihem Badi, former Tunisian Minister of Women’s Affairs 

Today we have thousands of Mahsa Aminis who are seeking freedom of expression. Many Iranians have lost their lives trying to obtain their lives. We are seeing the same in other countries, in Afghanistan, in Tunisia, and… Women have been deprived of their rights. 

We must try our best to make sure there are no more Mahsa Aminis. What is important is to have hope. There are thousands of Maryams in our world. It is important that women play an important role in politics and society. They must have a concrete role. We need millions of Maryams to fight for these rights.  

We must rise to help the people of Iran. We must help bring about this change toward peace and freedom.  

This is a fight for freedom, regardless of religion and faith. Today, there is much suffering for people who are raising their voices. Everyone has the right to freedom. We must struggle for a world of peace and tolerance. We are individuals from different countries, with different mindsets, and different religions. But what brings us together is our belief in freedom. 


Dr. Mohammed Jumeh 1

Dr. Mohammed Jumeh, Ambassador in the Permanent Delegate of the Republic of Yemen to UNESCO

We spoke of the Iranian regime across the globe and in Yemen. We are also witnessing that the regime is moving toward its collapse. At the time, we thought that this regime was gaining power. But today, it is in a deadlock.  

The people of Iran are resisting this regime, but so do the Arab people. The regime speaks of Muslim unity, but this unity existed before the regime. It is the regime that caused rifts in Yemen, Syria, and Iraq. The regime does not carry the message of Islam. It is doing the opposite. 

We must not allow these dictators to take power in the name of Islam. The regime kills girls in the name of Islam. We saw people come to the streets to overthrow the regime. The regime is trying to prevent them from playing their role in society across the region.  

Today, there is a division between the Arab nations regarding the Palestinians. This is because these nations are being attacked by the regime. The Iranian regime is the main problem in the Arab world. It is the Trojan horse of the enemy. It is trying to occupy different countries in the name of Islam and Palestine.  

We must resist this regime, which has created Hezbollah, the Houthis, and the Hashd al-Shabi. We must think about how we can counter this regime and push it back. Since 2017, when the people of Iran rose against the dictatorship, we are seeing the coming of spring. 


Prof. Assani Fassassi Secretary General of FFAIACA 1

Prof. Assani Fassassi, Secretary-General of FFAIACA 

The best solution to clarify for those who ignore real Islam is to see Maryam Rajavi and the contrast between forced veiling and respectful and spiritual veiling. 

Islam encourages us to keep hope. We have tried everything. Our goal is to help the Iranian people who are taken as hostages. We suggested reaching out to Madam Rajavi on behalf of the African Union. We propose that you meet with the representatives of African nations in France for two goals: First to show that Islam of the mullahs is not the true Islam. Maryam Rajavi represents true Islam. 75 percent of the African population is Muslim. We wish to count on you to help the conscience of humanity. 


Hayel Daoud former Jordanian Minister of Endowments and Religious Affairs 1

Hayel Daoud, former Jordanian Minister of Endowments and Religious Affairs 

The regime is using religion as a tool to sow division. The regime is spreading fundamentalism across the region. What the regime does is no service to the Iranian people or other peoples. We must show the real Islam and its values. We must help people defend their rights.