Friday, December 8, 2023
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Slovakian MEP Ivan Stefanec: Whole World Needs A Free Iran

Ivan Stefanec free iran 2023

Mr. Ivan Stefanec, a member of the European Parliament from Slovakia, expressed his support and solidarity with the Iranian Resistance and the attendees at the Free Iran World Summit 2023. Drawing parallels with the experience in his own country, he acknowledged the belief and active involvement of the Iranian people in bringing about change. Mr. Stefanec emphasized that the importance of this change extends beyond Iran, as democracy fosters cooperation and opportunity while autocracies pose threats to human rights and global stability. He highlighted the crucial elements for change: strong leadership, a comprehensive plan, and the support of the people. The Slovakian MEP said he firmly believed that change is imminent and expressed the European Parliament’s unwavering support for a free Iran.

The following is the full text of Ivan Stefanec’s speech:

Madame Rajavi, I came from the European Parliament, as we met recently to show raising support, also from European Parliamentarians. And I’d like to tell you and all distinguished guests that I feel very good today because I feel I am this friend who shares the same values and foremost the value of freedom. 30 years ago, in my country in Slovakia, there was also no freedom. And it didn’t look like that there will be change, but people believe so, and it came.

And I feel the same situation right now, that many, many Iranian people, feel that change is coming. They believe so. They are very much active. And this is very important.

I’d like to tell you that this is important not only for Iran but for the whole world. Because democracy creates not only opportunities for people but also it creates opportunities for cooperation among countries. While autocracies, they suppress human rights and also create threats to the rest of the world. So, we need free Iran, the whole world needs free Iran.

And I do believe that for the changes, there are three conditions leadership, plan, and people. We have great leadership of Madame Rajavi, yourself, we have Ten-Point Plan and we have a lot of people who have freedom at the bottom of their hearts. So, I do believe that change is coming.

Long live free Iran. We stand by you all in the European Parliament.