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The delegation of Iran’s Resistance attended the International Conference held in Prague

NCRI – The annual Forum 2000 Conference was held in Prague with the presence of political and religious leaders, prominent social figures and human rights defenders from different countries as well as the delegation of Iran’s Resistance.

The International Forum 2000 Conference began from 17th of October and continued till the 19th in the historic Žofín Palace of Prague. The conference entitled “Who are the future leaders? ; The courage for taking responsibility”. Many figures participated in this conference such as the Tibet’s spiritual leader, Dalai Lama, the former ministers of Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia; the famous chess champion Garry Kasparov and the chairman of the human rights Foundation against dictatorships.

The Council of Resistance of Iran consists of Parviz Khazai and Hossein Abedini who are the representatives of NCRI in Nordic countries and England respectively. By participating in various sessions of the conference, the NCRI representatives raised the stances of Iran’s Resistance on different issues and they emphasized the importance of the litigation movement that demands a trial for the perpetrators of the Massacre of 1988 as well as the violators of the human rights.


During the conference, the delegation of NCRI met with a number of leaders and figures and they talked about the situation of human rights in Iran as well as the litigation movement.

At a conference entitled “the Globalization and Current Challenges”, the Tibet’s spiritual leader, Dalai Lama also participated. In this conference, Parviz Khazai in a speech said:”the religious fundamentalism has not begun from Syria or elsewhere. It started from Iran when Khomeini established an Islamic regime. We have to support Mrs. Maryam Rajavi who is a Muslim woman that has stood against fundamentalism. We are trying to disclose the real face of the Mullahs’ regime that exploits the Islam wrongfully and unjustly.”

In a seminar which was devoted to the discussion of despotic regimes, the former Minister of Justice in Canada, Irwin Cotler referred to the massacre of 1988 and stated:”the massacre of 1988 was carried out by those who are currently in power in Iran including the Minister of Justice, Mostafa Pourmohammadi. That’s why we’re calling for an investigation into the massacre of 1988.On the 1st of September in Canada, we unanimously commemorate the political prisoners and those who have been executed in Iran at that time and that’s why we also have a week entitled as:” auditing the Iran’s regime” in order to focus on the internal repressions in Iran.”

In this meeting, Hossein Abedini also stressed on the need to facilitate the litigation movement for bringing the perpetrators of the Massacre of 1988 to trial.