Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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Iran: Skyrocketing Prices and Government Corruption


The deteriorating economic situation of Iran has been due to the anti-patriotic policies of the clerical regime and the spending of Iranian funds on the export of terrorism, nuclear and missile projects by the mullahs. The regime blames all economic problems of the country on international sanctions to cover up its corruption that has destroyed the country’s economic infrastructure.

Skyrocketing prices of necessities and revelations about the regime’s lies about the sanctions have forced the regime officials including the regime’s supreme leader, and other regime officials, to acknowledge that high prices have nothing to do with the sanctions. In this regard, in the infighting between the regime’s factions, some of the facts related to the catastrophic economic policies of the regime have come to the surface. A look at the regime’s media further discloses the dimensions of this catastrophe. For example, on November 13, the regime’s Farhang radio broadcast the speech of Ehsan Arkani, a member of the regime’s parliament from Neishabour, who said:

“Although my constituency is considered as the center of industry, agriculture, and livestock in Khorasan, the people still suffer from many problems. Our ranchers are suffering from a lack of livestock inputs. Concerning the agricultural water, under the pretext of water consumption management, we cut the water of deep wells in the villages for six months, and then when the crop is dehydrated, we allow them to harvest on the condition of paying money for the water. Is this fair, is this water management or water sales.”

He then indirectly explains that the reason for the rise in prices of products is the profitability of regime-affiliated brokers so that the price of the product in the market is more than 45 times the selling price at the place of production. In this “The farmer cultivates with all these problems and costs, but they do not even buy his product at the cost price of production, a kilogram tomato costs 500 tomans, but in the market is sold 23,000 tomans. This has nothing to do with Trump and Biden and has nothing to do with negotiations, this has to do with the motivation of serving and offering work to the people,” He said.

In another part of his speech, the member of the regime’s parliament referred to the regime’s imports over the past few years and said that 85% of the regime’s imports between 2013 and 2018 were food and livestock, while the regime had not supported the domestic ranchers and farmers.”

By addressing the regime’s President Hassan Rouhani, he said: “In your government, of the $370 billion in foreign exchange earnings, $314 billion, or 85 percent, was spent on imports. Between 2013 and 2018 alone, $39 billion was spent on livestock and food, including dairy and eggs, fruits, and vegetables. This is while our rancher in the country has no livestock feed and you are not buying our farmers’ product.”

“Mr. Rouhani, the result of your promise in inflation and controlling it, turned into astronomical inflation of 41%, your promise in the slogan of saving Iran’s economy, became the worst economic growth rate in the last three decades.”