Friday, December 8, 2023
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Iranian regime’s Army warns election candidates they will be ‘dealt with’

NCRI – The Iranian regime’s presidential candidates who criticize the regime’s election have been warned they will be ‘dealt with’ after the ballot next week.

Now Deputy Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces Masoud Jazayeri has said: “We will legally deal with violations by presidential election candidates after the election.

“We have already reminded the candidates that they would be better to limit their comment to within the scope of presidential election itself and avoid mentioning the armed forces, which is directly related to the issues of country’s defense and national security.

Jazayeri added to the Revolutionary Guards website on June 9: “The armed forces reserve the right to deal with the candidates who present a black picture and disseminate wrongful information. They will be dealt with after the election.”

During the sham election the presidential candidates have revealed dire state of economy in Iran under the mullahs rule and the regime’s ‘pariah’ status.

A leading mullah in Iran said on Friday the words of some presidential candidates ‘stink’ because they are constantly criticizing the regime.

Ahmad Khatami said all those standing for election ‘should believe in and be committed to’ the Supreme Leader.

Khatami said: “The words of some of these candidates stink as they are presenting a black picture of those years (the past ten years).”