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Iran Regime’s President: JCPOA Is Also Beneficial for America

NCRI – The conference by Iranian regime’s president, Hassan Rouhani, on Monday, was overshadowed by the latest statement of the U.S. President-elect Donald Trump who described the JCPOA as the most stupid agreement.

Rouhani in a fearful and defensive reply said: The (JCPOA) agreement is a win-win and also beneficial for the U.S.”

The regime’s so-called moderate president Rouhani displaying the feuding among the regime’s factions at top levels, in a response to the rival faction’s attacks against JCPOA said: “They should use glasses in order to see its achievements.”
Responding to the claims by Khamenei’s faction, Rouhani emphasized that Khamenei himself supports JCPOA.

Rouhani, who implicitly took back his previous statements in which he had said the renewal of the U.S. sanctions for 10 years was violation of JCPOA, said they should enter negotiations with the U.S. to remove sanctions in other areas (human rights violation and terrorist activities…).
Rouhani’s press conference not only faced attacks by the rival faction but also criticism by some of his own bloc’s media. The state-run Jahan San’at (world industry) affiliated to Rouhani’s band wrote: “This press conference did not have anything for the public opinion. Doesn’t Rouhani know that in the (regime of) Islamic Republic there are people who demand of the state and government not plants and animal life but human life?”

The state-run Tasnim news agency, affiliated with the IRGC, wrote: “The most engineered press conference of Rouhani was the last one by public and particular people’s admission. Yet, the string of his speech was disrupted for a few moments when in response to Trump who said he ‘doesn’t like JCPOA’ Rouhani instead of giving legal reasons started to read Quran verses and said ‘JCPOA is beneficial for the U.S.’, a sentence which will remain in the history.”

Keyhan newspaper belonging to Khamenei wrote: “Almost all the media that took the stage (microphone) to ask Rouhani a question were chosen from the (so-called) moderate newspapers and news agencies (affiliated to Rouhani).”

Another newspaper affiliated to Khamenei’s faction wrote: “Hassan Rouhani’s response to the «criticism and protests regarding the economic situation» was «use glasses ».”