Friday, March 24, 2023
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Iranian workers: We need jobs not nuclear bombs

Iranian workers: We need jobs not nuclear bombsNCRI – State of Iranian workers are deteriorating daily according to reports from Iran. There are increasing number of workers made redundant and the clerical regime is making no effort to prevent the trend.

Independent workers unions complain that since Ahmadinejad’s appointment as the mullahs’ president there has been no improvement in the state of workers contrary to claims he made before being appointed.

Deputy Minister of Labor announced a few days ago that some 30,000 workers will be made redundant in a near future.

Job insecurity under the religious tyranny is not only affecting the Iranian workers but also all sections including teachers, nurses and government employees.

Committee in support of workers and unemployed in Iran reflected the grievances of Iranian workers in a statement released on Thursday in Tehran and said the Iranians do not need the nuclear program. It stated that billions of dollars are being spent on the regime’s nuclear ambitions while millions of Iranian workers live under poverty line.

"Nuclear project in our country with a kind of record our rulers have, is taking the country to the brink of a war, sanction and isolation which it does not need at all," said the statement adding: "On behalf of 37-38 million Iranian workers and their families we declare that we do not want the benefit of having your nuclear programs. Do not harm us any further with another destructive war and sanction."

The workers committee stressed that a country with such vast oil and gas reserves and other rich minerals does not need nuclear energy and it is not in the interest of the country’s economy. The money on nuclear project can be better spent on improving industry, creating jobs and the workers living standard.