NCRI - Mohammad Farhadi, the Minister of Science in Rouhani’s cabinet, has acknowledged the brain drain in Iran under the rule of the Mullahs.

According to Tasnim news agency on October 3, in his speech at the International Science and Technology Forum in Kyoto, Japn, Farhadi pointed to the educated population in Iran and said: “there are 11 million, namely 17 percent of the population, with a college degree in Iran while five million students are currently studying in universities and research centers.”

The Minister of Science said: “we are facing a brain drain among the educated population which actually means the migration of the country’s skilled human resources.”

Farhadi stressed that the brain drain has undesirable effects on the development of countries and creates unknown variables. He added: “migration of the skilled workers from a country prevents it from having a sustainable development.”

It should also be pointed out that Ali Rabiei, the Minister of Labor and Social Affair in Rouhani’s government,  has announced: “ 43 percent of all the job applicants in the country are college graduates of which about one million three hundred thousand are suffering from unemployment crisis.” He added: “this amount of graduates who are left behind the country’s job market, means nothing but a truly unemployment crisis.”

Also regarding the unemployment of the university graduates, ILNA state newspaper writes: “From 1995 to 2012, about seven million job applicants have been graduated from universities only one million of which have been absorbed by the job market. Currently there are six thousand jobless graduates who have a Ph.D degree and we are facing a new wave of joblessness among graduates with high educational qualifications.”

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