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Iran: An Outlook for Freedom


NCRI – In an essay on November 20 on the cancellation of a speech by the vice-president of the Iranian regime’s parliament in Mashhad – Northeastern Iran, the representative of Teachers’ Trade Association writes on his Facebook page:

“The question is, while Ali Motahari, the fundamentalist, vice-president of the parliament and son of Morteza Motahari (Regime’s Ideologue) is not allowed to speak, then how is it possible to talk about reforms? Isn’t it that the regime is directing the country towards a revolution?”

Mr. Hashem Khastar then continues: “don’t you think it’s the final nail in the reforms’ coffin? Similar to mathematics and all other sciences, the life of a society follows some rules and principles with knowing of which the fate of a society can be easily predicted.”

Pointing to the society’s explosive state, he adds: “the country is in a full political and economic deadlock and trapped in different kinds of corruptions and social harms. And these very measures (cancellation of Ali Motahari’s speech) further proves the points just mentioned and shows that the society’s deterrent forces want to maintain the status quo. But the society is always moving forward and no power or will is able to prevent a nation’s growth and development.”

At the end of his essay, the representative of Khorasan Teachers’ Trade Association addresses the Iranian people, saying: “My fellow Iranians, now that the country is expecting events to reach freedom and democracy, we need to be alert to reduce the costs.”