Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Iran: Rouhani’s Visit to Kordestan and the Province’s +50 Percent Unemployment Rate


NCRI – The Iranian regime’s president Hassan Rouhani arrived in Sanandaj, Kordestan Saturday.

This is Rouhani’s second visit to Kordestan during his presidency that, as he claims, is aimed at launching construction projects.

Coincided with Rouhani’s visit, Kordestan steelworkers held a protest really.

The protesting workers had placards in hand which read “your achievement: 400 Zagros Steel workers are out of work, no more empty promises, Kordestan Zagros Steelworkers”

Rouhani had visited Kordestan once before in August 2015, during which he was supposed to address barriers to development in the province. Two years on, however, not only Rouhani’s promises have not been fulfilled, but according to official figures, unemployment rate in Kordestan has risen as well. It’s worth mentioning that according to an Iranian regime’s MP from Marivan, the unemployment rate in Kordestan is about 60 percent, a figure which shows the deep unemployment and poverty crisis in eastern Kordestan.

Experts believe that Rouhani’s visit is only a propaganda trip aimed at earning votes in April 22 so called presidential election. A procedure also followed by previous governments.

Except constructing a few water dams to transfer water from eastern Kordestan to central provinces, and thereby destroying and disrupting Kordestan’s ecosystem, no serious project or plan has been launched in order to resolve the unemployment crisis in the province.