Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Iran: Female Prisoner Once Again Transferred to Solitary Confinement


NCRI – According to reports, prison officials in Kerman Central Prison have on Saturday March 25 transferred Afsaneh Bayazidi to solitary confinement, where the Kurdish girl will be held till the end of this week, namely for 15 days, according to a decision made by security officials.
An informed source from inside the prison has confirmed that Afsaneh Bayazidi has been ‘questioned and interrogated’ by Kerman Central Prison officials after writing a closed letter to Iranian regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei, according to a Kurdish news agency.

The letter has been handed over by prison officials to security agents, who have severely beaten Afsaneh afterwards, the report says.

In her letter, Afsaneh Bayzidi has pointed to ‘insults, assaults, and brutal tortures’ by prison officials across Iran’s prisons, saying that Khamenei is to blame for such a situation.

Directly addressing Khamenei, Afsaneh writes in another part of her letter: “As someone who regards himself as the successor of god on earth, you have for 38 years made the Iranian people your plaything, torturing and executing them and sentencing them to long prison terms in the name of your fake religion.”

“I never forget what I and other prisoners went through in prison, but the day will come when people like me bring you and your accomplices to justice in competent courts”, she adds.

Sentenced to four years in jail, Afsaneh Bayzidi wrote a letter last September, describing the pain and suffering she’s been going through in Kerman Central Prison.

Afsaneh Bayazidi was arrested along with her brother Shahu in November 2013 on charges of ‘cooperation with an Iranian regime Kurdish opposition group’. They were then released on a 100-million-toman bail.