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Iran: Shocking Incident of a Deprived Father Throwing His Child in Front of a Car


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According to the state-run media, a father intentionally threw his child in front of a car to receive blood money due to poverty and misery. The child was hit by the car and died.

The state-run Etemad News on Wednesday, July 19 reported in this regard:

“Yesterday, Datikan Legal Institute Website released news about a father who intentionally threw his child in front of a car. ISNA News also published the same report. In the meantime, Etemad Newspaper had an interview with the driver of the car that hit the child. The following is the text of the interview:

Interviewer: How did it happen?

The driver: Last week, I was busy driving in an empty road. I reached the crossroad, where the traffic light was going to get red. I accelerated the car to pass the intersection before the traffic light turns red when I suddenly realized that someone wanted to throw a 6-year-old boy kid on the street. Since our distance was less than a hundred meters, I could not control my car and I hit him. I urgently called the emergency department to take the child to the hospital.

I went to the hospital on Friday where the child was taken. Unfortunately, I heard from the nurses that the child had died. When I heard the news, I decided to find his father and talk to him about this matter so that he does not make the same mistake again.

I went to police department again on Monday and we went to the father’s house. They were busy performing their child’s funeral. The police then arrested the guilty father. Nevertheless, what hurt me most was that this father had another child who broke his hand too. I thought he has experienced the same incident before as well.

Interviewer: How were their economic situation and lifestyle?

The driver: They were living with indigence. It seemed that the man did not have a proper job and he was unable to earn the livelihood. He used to throw his children on the street deliberately to receive money and spend on family. They did not even have basic facilities to live in the house. They did not even have the money to hold a funeral for their child. They lived in a house where many others lived together and they did not have any jobs.