Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Member of Parliament Acknowledges Injustice and Discrimination in Iran Regime


NCRI – On Sunday December 11, a member of Iranian regime’s parliament from Bandar Abbas- Southern Iran, acknowledging injustice and discrimination by the regime in Iran said: “Today, we must admit that the national concern is injustice and discrimination in the society.”

Ahmad Moradi, member of the parliament’s energy commission, pointed out that the existence of social disorders and increase in poverty, divorce and drug addiction are the results of injustice in the society and stated: “Besides all the problems, rampant unemployment has made people desperate and disappointed.”

“Under the pretext of the implementation of Article 44 of the constitution, they plunder public funds (national treasury) and steal the capital and assets of hardworking teachers and educators…,” Moradi said in his speech at the parliament.

“Seamen and boat owners want to do business but they are facing several obstacles; farmers produce agricultural products but their products are not sold and they have to sell them to speculators and middlemen at a much lower price,” he said.

Member of the parliament’s energy commission stated: “The indigenous people of Qeshm Island have to pay duties to enter their homes and this is a wonder of the world that is not compatible with justice. Despite centrality of the sea in the development of Hormozgan, there is no University of Marine Science and Technology and a Center for Marine Research and Strategy in the province.”

Addressing Iranian regime’s president Rouhani, he said: “Understand Hormozgan. Industries such as Mahdi aluminum factory, etc., the largest factory in this arena, are dragged into misery under the pretext of Article 44 of the Constitution precipitously and without considering legal cases and the reports by the state inspectorate and the Supreme Audit Court and as a result endangering job security of 3 thousand workers.”

Moradi pointed out that the “order for construction and repair of ships is given to foreigners” and this means “unemployment of more than 5 thousand (Iranian) workers…

He then addressed Rouhani once again and said: “Mr. President, distrusting educated people of Hormozgan has gone so far that even some ministers refuse their presence in the board of directors of state enterprises. There is not even one native of Hormozgan in Kish Island Free Zone, and also for the first time in Kish Free Zone with the assistance of Mr. Turkan, the presence of three Hormozgan natives in the board of directors in line with the government’s legal formalities was proposed, but some people, who see their position at risk, rejected the proposal and stopped it. That does not match (the claims of the government of) prudence and hope!