Monday, September 27, 2021
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Bahrain foils arms plot, recalls it’s Iran envoy

Bahrain recalled its ambassador to Tehran for consultations on Saturday after what it said were repeated hostile statements made by the officials of the regime in Tehran, and foiled a bid to smuggle in high-grade explosives and arms in the same day, Reuters reported.

The statements were a reflection of Iran’s unfriendly attitude towards Bahrain and an interference in its internal affairs, a statement on state news agency BNA said.

Meanwhile, Bahraini Religious leaders, scholars, clerics, MPs, Shura members, tribes, trade unions, sport clubs, youth associations, members of the business community and citizens joined a national outcry against ‘irresponsible’ statements made by Ali Khamenei, the Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader, said a report in the Gulf Daily News.

On Friday, Bahrain’s Interior Minister Rashid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, condemned the Iranian regime’s interference in his country.

In a statement published by the official Bahraini news agency, he said these interventions include “making hostile political statements, smuggling of explosives and weapons and ammunition to Bahrain, and harboring fugitives from justice, and establishing Iranian camps for training terrorist groups that seek to attack innocent lives, as well as waging continues and misleading media attacks against the Kingdom of Bahrain.”

Bahraini minister added that this is despite the fact that the kingdom has sought to strengthen ties with Iran, “and all our actions were a positive regard for consistently good neighborliness.”

Addressing the Iranian regime’s officials he said: “So tell them that you are involved in creating insecurity in Bahrain, and you have training the use of weapons and explosives, and you are exporting culture of terror.”

He called on the Gulf Cooperation Council’s member states to denounce “Iran’s dangerous interventions in Bahraini security.”


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