Thursday, December 9, 2021
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Iran: Regime forces state-run website to remove report on IRGC corruption

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps is a ‘corrupt’ institution with excessive powers that make ‘more dangerous than useful’, an Iranian website has claimed.

The Khabar Online news website said in a January 7 report that the IRGC possess bombs, aircraft, and missiles. It owns a telecommunications company capable of disrupting the Internet, and devices capable of jamming signals.

 The report said: “The institution can act similar to that of the judiciary, have prisons like the police and detain, imprison and interrogate people.

“The entity is capable of military deployments, preventing the Khomeini airport opening and airliners from landing, and has its own members of parliament and ministers.”

This report acknowledged extensive corruption within the ruling regime and added: “Under the shadow of such a highly corrupt system in the country, it is not unrealistic that we imagine a day that we find out about salaries being paid to 50,000 non-existent personnel similar to what happened in Iraq.”

Khabar Online removed this report from its website an hour after the publication, after intimidation by the IRGC and its affiliated media.

The news of widespread corruption within the IRGC comes as the government of Hassan Rouhani is set to request a dramatic increase in the budget for the IRGC, according to the tax-and-spend 2015 budget proposal he submitted to the Majlis, the Iranian regime’s parliament, earlier this month.