Sunday, November 28, 2021
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Iran’s Regime Sectarian Plans in Iraq

NCRI – Iraqi sources said a large number of Iraqi militias and elements of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards have been stationed in East Mosul. They are force displacing people.

Sky News TV 3, in this regard said: Iranian regime is advancing its political plans and sectarian programs in Iraq.

Iraqi sources said scores of “Iraqi militias and elements of Iranian Revolutionary Guards have been stationed in parts of East Mosul. These militants have launched their stations under the supervision of the terrorist Qods Force officers. It also appears that foot tracks of Maliki (former Iraqi Prime Minister) responsible for the fall of Mosul to ISIL have been observed in East Mosul. Sources are saying that he personally has militias’ headquarters under supervision and financial support and he is trying to influence the tribal leaders and residents of Mosul. Maliki is hiring sectarian militias who are involved in forced displacement and killings of Mosul residents to seize their homes and properties.

Observers believe that Maliki’s actions in the social transformation of Mosul is to get closer to the Iranian regime. This military action has also been associated with political movements. Recently, Maliki has met Iran’s Ambassador “Iraj Masjedi” in Iraq who is coordinator of Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Iraqi paramilitaries. Iranian regime is trying to create a ground root through Mosul and Tal Afar in Syria.