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Soleimani’s Unique Role in the Mullahs’ Export of Terrorism

Soleimani’s Unique Role in the Mullahs’ Export of Terrorism
Khamenei conducted terrorist operations in the Middle East through Qassem Soleimani.

The mullahs’ supreme leader Ali Khamenei went to great lengths in explaining the vital role Qassem Soleimani, IRGC’s Quds force commander killed last week in a US drone attack in Iraq, played in the mullahs’ regime’s strategic line of exporting terrorism and chaos to the region.

In his meeting coinciding with Soleimani’s funeral ceremonies with a delegation of Qom city’s diehards, Khamenei openly spoke of the slain Quds force commander’s role in fomenting chaos and instability in the region.

“Through his aid to the countries in our region, Soleimani managed to defuse all illegitimate US plans in the western Asian region. He helped small and weak countries in the region stand in the face of America,” Khamenei said.

Then he explained a few specific cases.

“The Americans wanted to let the Palestinian cause be forgotten, they wanted to keep the Palestinians in a position of weakness. Soleimani gave the Palestinians what they needed, enabling them to turn a small region like the Gaza Strip into a resistance center against the Zionists, and bring the Zionists to propose a cease-fire in 48 hours. This was done by Qassem Soleimani. Our Palestinian brethren admitted this fact several times in my presence. Of course I was in the picture.”

What Khamenei meant from the Palestinian needs answered by Soleimani is nothing other than millions of dollars given in cash to Hamas leaders in the Gaza Strip by Soleimani, and the destructive role he played in weakening the Palestinian state through instigating Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

After Palestine, Khamenei turned to Lebanon. He boasted Hezbollah’s power and role in Lebanon. “Today, Hezbollah is Lebanon’s hand and Lebanon’s eye. It has been reinforced day after day. Soleimani’s role in this is quite evident. Khamenei, however, did not mention the Lebanese people’s distaste for Hezbollah evident these days in the streets of Lebanon and the actual deadlock the country is in.

He praised Soleimani’s destructive role in Iraq and Syria much in the same way. “Brave Iraqi believers and Iraqi youth, as well as the clergy, stood in the face of the US, and Soleimani helped them and supported them as a great supporter and an active counselor.”

In heaping praise upon Soleimani, Khamenei confirmed the fact that the regime’s foreign policy when it comes to the countries in the region is prepared and implemented not by the mullahs’ foreign ministry, but by IRGC’s Quds force.

“Soleimani was not active only in the military aspect, in politics he was the same. More than once I told those who are in politics that they should learn from Soleimani, the way he was brave in politics, he was very wise and at the same time very influential.”

The mullahs’ regime ambassadors to the region are systematically assigned by the Quds force. In fact, the regime’s ambassadors to Iraq have always been ranking members of the Quds force. Their actual ambassador to Iraq, Iraj Masjedi, as well as his predecessor, Danaifard, played an active role in Iraq after the regime change in that country in 2003.

Both were behind deadly attacks against the MEK when the latter was based in Ashraf and Liberty camps in Iraq, causing 146 deaths among the residents before they were evacuated to Albania in 2016.