Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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Courageous Political Prisoner Challenges Iran Regime’s Notorious Attorney General


NCRI – Narges Mohammadi addressing the Iranian regime’s Attorney General: “I will not be silent until my rights are respected and justice is served.”

The political prisoner, Narges Mohammadi in a letter responded to the Iranian regime’s Attorney General, cleric Jafar Montazeri who addressed her as one side of a sinister triangle and a despicable element.

In a reaction to the letter by 14 Members of Iranian regime’s Parliament for the review of Narges Mohammadi’s case and paying attention to the problems in the verdict against her, Jafar Montazeri, said: “Before writing letters in support of the despicable elements like her, the representatives should check the status of their case and examine it thoroughly.”

The Attorney General referred to Narges Mohammadi as “a sinister existence” and stated that “if the Judiciary does not reveal the documents of infringement and violations by her and others like her, it does not mean that they are good people.”

Thus, Narges Mohammadi in a letter to Jafar Montazeri asked him to disclose her indictment and defense documents page to page, as well as every moment of her personal life, so that they could be judged by the public opinion.

At the beginning of this letter, she writes: “I tell you with no formalities, I eagerly ask you to urgently disclose through all the media that you control any religious, legal, and human violations that I ever committed. Remember, the one who insisted on a public trial was me as the accused and the one that stressed on the stealth and concealment was the Judiciary.”

“I suggest if you intend to decry and expose anybody to the public, take a look at the suspects in the Kahrizak case, the plunderers of the national treasury, the participants in the attacks on the dormitory in Tehran University and the perpetrators of the 1988 massacre. Only then, people will realize that which authorities were and are ignorant and negligent and why our society is inflicted by this great misery and tragedy,” Narges Mohammadi writes.
In another part of the letter, she writes: “I explicitly state that I have seen and heard a lot of moral offenses and insults against women in solitary confinement by the security guards in the prisons. When the day of revelation comes, I will disclose all of the documents and that is when I will be in the position of warning, not others [like you].”

The political prisoner, Narges Mohammadi, continues: “I am a human being; I am a free citizen of my country. So I will not allow any aggression against my dignity, identity and humanity and I will not stay silent until I obtain my rights and the justice is served. So, I am waiting to hear the words that have a legal basis.”

“The Judiciary that you represent has issued an unjust sentence against me and according to legal requirements and law I will not bear the imprisonment. I do not intend to violate or evade anything and I am not going back. Nevertheless, be sure that my case is a proud leaf of the rightful struggle of a nation and one of the thousand and thousand cases of righteous and honorable Iranians who do not have a proper condition but sacrifice their life for freedom and justice,” she adds.

“At the end I announce that I am ready for disclosure of every page of my indictment and defense so that all people could judge who is the despicable one and worthy of rejection and who is not,” she concludes.