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Female Students Face Obstacles at Schools, Universities in Iran

Students at a girl school in Mashhad on the opening day of schools (File Photo)

Students face numerous obstacles in having access to quality education in Iran; such obstacles double and triple when it gets to girls and young women, Some 100,000 disadvantaged Iranian school children are deprived of education .

— Maryam Rajavi (@Maryam_Rajavi) September 22, 2019

Most teachers live under the poverty line

In light of the economic situation and liquidity in Iran, the minimum monthly expenses for a family of four in April 2019 was 8 million tomans ($700).

The amount they had to spend for their food and only for 18 essential goods at the common price in the cities, was 2,228,000 tomans ($194) in April 2019, while the minimum wage is 1,517,000 tomans ($132).

Meanwhile, a teacher’s average monthly salary is 3,250,000 tomans ($284) and a retired teacher receives 1,500,000 tomans ($131). But most teachers have temporary contracts which bring down their wages to under one million tomans ($87).

Education Minister, Mohammad Bat’haii, has been cited as saying, “Teachers have always had to have a second job to earn their living. Without any exaggerations, if a teacher wants to earn his/her living just by teaching, they cannot have an average life.” (State-run Tasnim news agency- March 3, 2019)

Vahid Mahmoudi, economist and a university professor, pointed out, “69% of the teachers drive taxis as their second job and 54% of the teachers have low income and little time.” (State-run Tasnim news agency – March 3, 2019)

So, teachers who live under the poverty line and are always preoccupied with the thought of feeding their families can never focus on the quality of education they offer to students and cannot put enough time into it.