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Live reports from Ramadan conference in Paris

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Participants in the conference, as well as many other prominent Arabic and Islamic figures, in a joint statement, supported the Arabic coalition against Yemen’s occupation by Iranian regime’s proxies and called for an expansion of this coalition in order to support the Free Syrian Army and the Syrian opposition to topple Bashar Assad. They stressed that “the Iranian regime has to implement all UN Security Council resolutions regarding its nuclear program and should address all outstanding IAEA questions and allow intrusive inspections of all of its declared or undeclared military and non-military sites.”

This statement goes on to add:

“Members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) in Camp Liberty, true Muslims that have devoted their lives to fight against the Iranian regime, are great assets to the Islamic World and humanity in confronting fundamentalism and extremism under the veneer of Islam. They are the dearest guests of the Arab community and their protection is the duty of all noble Muslims and Arabs.

“We strongly denounce the flouting of vows made to them by the United States and the United Nations, the violation of their rights, the tyrannical siege imposed on them by the Government of Iraq, and the dispatch of Iranian regime’s Intelligence Ministry agents under the mask of their families to psychologically torture them.

“We further declare that the United States and the United Nations should provide for and ensure their protection; otherwise, they should return part of their personal weapons to them in order to defend themselves against the militias affiliated with the Iranian regime. And Camp Liberty should be recognized as a refugee camp and its siege, in particular its medical blockade, must be completely lifted and annulled.”

This statement is supportive of the Iranian Resistance and its President Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, as well as her plans and programs for the future Iran, and it emphasizes: “Recognition of this resistance and its struggle to overthrow the Iranian regime is not only the will of the Iranian people, but the need of the region for peace and tranquility and an imperative step to defeat the ominous phenomenon of fundamentalism.”


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Ashraf Al-Shabrawi, former Member of Parliament from Egypt, is addressing the conference. He said that Iran is suffering from religious fascism at the hands of the Iranian mullahs. The Iranian regime is the cause of many terrorist attacks. We will always stand by you in your cause to liberate Iran.

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Father Meadway from Australia: We have been standing with the PMOI since 1993 in Australia. We hope to rejoice with you when Iran is a free and democratic country. May God bless you and God bless the heros in Camp Liberty and the great nation of Iran and the Middle East.

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Mr. Anouar Malek, Algerian writer and prominent blogger, spoke words of support for the cause of the Iranian Resistance.

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A delegation of French Imams go on the stage to declare their solidarity with the democratic platform of the PMOI as a tolerant Muslim group which represents a cultural, political and social alternative to the mullahs’ regime in Iran.

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Mr. Michel Kilo, prominent Syrian Christian writer and human rights activist, says: The Iranian regime is supporting terrorist militias to massacre the people of Syria. The Iranian regime is sending Revolutionary Guards to Syria to kill the people and support Bashar al-Assad. The mullahs’ regime in Iran claims to fight against Zionists in defense of the Palestinian people, but in reality it is responsible for the killing of the Palestinian people and other peoples in the region. In reality it wants to create regional conflict and destabilize our region. The Iranian regime is trying to dominate the region through its spread of sectarian warfare.

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A delegation of officials from Syria’s moderate democratic opposition go on the stage. The first speaker is Mr. Nazir Hakim, General Secretary of the Political Bureau of the Syrian National Coalition. He says: The Iranian Resistance members are suffering in Camp Liberty. The mullahs’ regime in Iran is a religious tyranny. The mullahs are misusing the name of Islam to massacre innocent people. We must stand against such injustice.We support the PMOI.

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Mrs. Majdeh al-Noweishi, former Egyptian Member of Parliament and renowned political activist, says: The mullahs in Iran are behind Daesh, and the Houthis in Yemen and Bashar al-Assad and other fundamentalist forces in the region. We are here in solidarity with the residents of Camp Liberty. The mullahs’ regime in Iran is a fascist dictatorship. It is a key supporter of international terrorism. Soon the Iranian regime will be held accountable for all its crimes.

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Mrs. Alima Boumediene-Thiery, a former Member of the European Parliament and former French Senator, says: I am very glad to be here in solidarity with Mrs. Maryam Rajavi and this movement. The fundamentalists damage the spirit of our religion. And they abuse the principles of justice and they carry out crimes against humanity. The real fight is not between Shiites and Sunnis. It is a fight between tyranny and freedom. Fundamentalists use Islam as a weapon to target people. They want to scare the citizens of the world. I am here today to tell the people of the world who want freedom and liberty that it is our duty to fight for freedom. I would like justice for the people of Iran, Iraq and Syria, and in particular I declare my support for the people of Camp Liberty.

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Ayatollah Jalal Ganje’i, Chairman of the Commission for Freedom of Religion and Denominations of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), is now addressing the event. Ganje’i is a prominent Iranian dissident ayatollah based in Paris. He is a former student of Ruhollah Khomeini, and left Iran in 1982 after being sentenced to death for his anti-fundamentalist views. Several members of his family, including his son, have been executed by the clerical regime.

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Mr. Jamal Bu Hasan, Member of Parliament from Bahrain, announced that a majority of Bahraini lawmakers have signed a statement in support of the goals of the Iranian Resistance and calling for international protection for members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) in Camp Liberty, Iraq. “The voice of the Iranian people and Mrs Maryam Rajavi must be heard. The objectives of the PMOI and the Iranian Resistance should be supported. This is the only way to guarantee peace in our region,” he said.

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Dr. Tahar Boumedra, former chief of the Human Rights section of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI), is addressing the conference. Dr. Boumedra says the UN was supposed to protect the Camp Ashraf people but they are now under siege since their transfer to Camp Liberty. I address the UN Secretary General and the UNHCR. If the UNHCR had carried out its obligations to protect the residents of Camp Liberty and give them the documents that they need, they would not be under so much oppression today. The people of Camp Liberty are under suppression by the regime in Iran and they are also being suppressed in Iraq. The UN told the people in Ashraf they should stop supporting the Resistance in order to gain UN protection. But this condition imposed by the UN – that the residents first must end their support for their political organization – violates the fundamental rights of the residents under international law. The UN should not have acted in this way and it should not have pressured the Ashraf residents to end their support for the PMOI. Furthermore, the UN promised to investigate the massacre at Camp Ashraf, but it never did. Why are the people who live in Camp Liberty so unfairly treated by the United Nations? I call on the UN and all its various branches, in particular the UNHCR, to respect their responsibility, mandate and humanitarian mission to protect the residents of Camp Liberty who are under threat.The UN should declare Camp Liberty to be a refugee camp and it must stand against the harassment of Liberty residents.

The sun has set in Paris. Participants are now breaking their fast, as beautiful songs are played in the background.

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Jordanian lawmaker Dr. Rula Alhroob says: The regime in Iran is perverting the name and image of Islam. We support Mrs. Maryam Rajavi and the Iranian Resistance in their struggle to liberate the Iranian women, men and children from dictatorship. We stand in unity with you.

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A delegation of Jordanian lawmakers is attending the event this evening. Jordanian lawmaker Mr. Mohammad al-Haj says: I attended the annual Iran Freedom rally on June 13 in Paris which brought together by more than 100,000 people. This rally was in support of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) and its democratic agenda. The Iranian regime is creating instability and discord among peoples in our region.

I would like to inform you that a majority of the Jordanian lawmakers have signed a statement in support of the PMOI’s struggle and against the Iranian regime’s export of terrorism and fundamentalism. We stand with you.

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Mr. Abderrahmane Dahmane, President of the Council of Democratic Muslims of France (CDMF), says: Mrs. Rajavi is fighting for freedom and democracy in Iran. Islam is a religion of peace and fraternity. It is not a religion of terrorism and fascism. Fascism is represented by the mullahs in power in Iran. You, the Iranian Resistance, and Mrs. Rajavi are true Muslims and the real representatives of Islam. You are leading a difficult fight against this brutal regime. The ayatollahs in Iran will not accept democracy and human rights and women’s rights. Unfortunately the US is negotiating and trying to strike a deal with the criminal regime in Iran. I will not applaud the Western officials who are ignoring human rights abuse in Iran to strike a deal with the regime. We should support the Iranian Resistance to bring about real change in Iran.

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Sheikh Taysir al-Tamimi, former Chief Justice of Palestine, is now on the stage. He says: Mrs. Rajavi and the NCRI, I bring you the friendship of the Palestinian people. We pray for the Iranian people to be free from persecution. I support the positions of Mrs. Rajavi. She is reiterating the messages of the Quran. … In reality religion is not compulsory. The Quran says if you kill someone unjustly, it is like you are killing the whole of humanity. The mullahs’ regime in Iran is the basis of terrorism and fundamentalism. Before the mullahs in Iran, fundamentalism did not exist. For us Islam is a religion of tolerance and freedom. The Iranian regime sows discord between Sunnis and Shiites. Such feuds did not exist before in our region. All of the crises in the region come from one root: the regime of the mullahs in Iran. The regime in Iran is now meddling and killing people in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. I support Mrs. Rajavi’s positions and her platform which are all compatible with true Islam.


We support the struggle and resistance of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) for freedom. I have listened to the speeches of Mrs. Rajavi. I have heard the principles which she speaks of. I have heard the testimony she gave before the United States Congress recently. Mrs. Rajavi doesn’t just represent the aspirations of the Iranian people; she represents the aspirations of all the people of the world. All the people of the world should support the positions of Mrs. Rajavi before the US Congress. … We declare our solidarity with the PMOI members in Camp Liberty in their struggle for freedom.


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While stressing on the separation of religion and state, as a Muslim woman and on behalf of a generation that’s been defending the genuine Islam of the Prophet Mohammad for five decades against fundamentalism and religious dictatorship, Mrs. Rajavi declared:

  1. We reject compulsory religion and any compulsion in religion. Despotism and tyranny under the name of Islam, the medieval Sharia laws, and the excommunication of opponents, whether Shiite or Sunni, are against Islam and the emancipating Tradition of the Prophet Mohammad.
  2. In our view, the essence of Islam is freedom, freedom from all forms of coercion, oppression and exploitation.
  3. We follow the true Islam, the tolerant and democratic Islam;an Islam defends popular sovereignty; an Islam defends women’s equality.
  4. We reject religious discrimination and defend the rights of followers of all faiths and religions.
  5. Our Islam believes in brotherhood of all religions. Sectarian wars and sowing discord among Shiites and Sunnis are the sinister products of the fundamentalist Velayat-e Faqih regime aimed at prolonging its anti-Islamic and anti-human rule.


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Mrs. Rajavi, asserted that the world’s Muslims, whether Shia or Sunni, have a common enemy which is the fundamentalist regime in Iran. She emphasized: “An end is conceivable to the bloodletting and the fire set ablaze by extremists under the name of Islam.” For this, she said there should be “full-fledged solidarity with the Iranian Resistance and people” and the world’s Muslims should “stand up to the Iranian regime and its accomplices such as Bashar Assad and the forces in Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon and Syria who follow and carry out the policies of the velayat-e faqih (absolute rule of the clergy).”

“So long as this regime is in power, the people of Iran and other nations in the Middle East will not experience freedom and democracy. A regime that continues to persist on acquiring the nuclear bomb, despite opposition of the Iranian people and the international community, is a global threat.”

“Therefore, the solution lies in the eviction of this regime from the entire region and in toppling the Caliph of regression and terrorism in Iran.”


21: 15 (CET)…

Mrs. Rajavi (continued): … the Islam they proclaim is a religion of compulsion, stripping human beings of their free will. While the true Islam and the message of the Quran reject compulsory religion and all compulsions under the name of religion.
Let us refer to the Quran that presents the true message of Islam.
Doesn’t the Quran say: There is no compulsion in religion?
Isn’t the message of Islam, compassion and emancipation?
Don’t the chapters in the Quran start with the name of “God, the Gracious, the Merciful”?
Is Islam not the religion of tolerance and forgiveness?
Didn’t the Prophet Mohammad forgive his enemies in the conquest of Mecca?
Didn’t he present the charter of brotherhood and pluralism in Medina?
So, what Iran’s ruling mullahs and their ideological progenies including the ISIS and Boko Haram say is against Islam and is utter blasphemy.
Indeed, our God is the God of freedom. Our prophet, Mohammad, is the messenger of compassion and emancipation and our Islam is the religion of free choice

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Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), is addressing the event. Some highlights:

We are observing the holy month of Ramadan while considerable parts of the Middle East are burning in the fire of terrorism and war, as a result of the medieval savagery the fundamentalist forces have imposed on the region in the guise of Islam.

Today, I would like to address the fact that Islam is against compulsion in religion.

Today, in Iran, the ruling mullahs have enchained the nation by unremitting executions, torture of prisoners, amputation of limbs, gouging of eyes, acid attacks on women and rampant poverty.

The name of this inhumane regime is Velayat-e Faqih, and ISIS and Bokoharam are considered its offspring.

All of these forces, under any name and with any claim, share a common inhumane ideology and the same religious precepts:

They impose their religion by resorting to force;

They establish absolute tyranny under the name of God;

They resort to terrorism and expansionism under the name of export of revolution and religious expansionism;

They eliminate, suppress and humiliate women; and finally, they trample all human and divine principles to preserve their own rule.


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Mr. Sid Ahmed Ghozali, former Prime Minister of Algeria, is addressing the conference. Mr. Ghozali says: We support the Iranian Resistance to topple the regime in Tehran. The Iranian Resistance members residing in Camp Liberty are in danger. Since 2009 when US forces left Iraq, the members of the Iranian Resistance faced pressure and attacks both at Camp Ashraf and later in Camp Liberty. The international community must protect these courageous people in Camp Liberty


20: 50 (CET)…

Sheikh Khalil Merroun presents Mrs. Maryam Rajavi with glasses with candles, a symbolic token of friendship among peoples and light in the darkness.

20: 49 (CET)…

Mr. Hikmet Turk, President of the Franco-Turkish Cultural Center (CCFT), says: We have been supporting the Iranian Resistance for many years. I am very proud that last year we established the Committee of French Muslims in Defense of the Rights of Ashrafis (CMFDDA). We are against dictatorship and terrorism in the name of Islam.


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Sheikh Khalil Merroun, rector of the Grand Mosque of Evry, the largest mosque in France, and President of the Committee of French Muslims in Defense of the Rights of Ashrafis (CMFDDA), says: We would like to express our support for the cause of the Iranian Resistance. Mrs. Rajavi, Madame President, we wish you the best in your cause. The real representatives of Islam are here today.
I am very proud Mrs. Rajavi that you are a woman who is leading the Resistance for freedom.” width=”640″ height=”480″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”>

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Members of the Committee of French Muslims in Defense of the Rights of Ashrafis (CMFDDA) are invited onto the stage to begin their remarks.
Delegation includes: Sheikh Khalil Merroun, rector of the Grand Mosque of Evry, and Mr. Hikmet Turk, President of the Franco-Turkish Cultural Center (CCFT).


20: 38 (CET)…

French Mayors and Councilors and representatives of France’s Muslim community attend in support of democratic change in Iran and in solidarity with the democratic and tolerant outlook of Iran’s main opposition group, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK).

20: 36 (CET)…

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, enters the conference hall, drawing huge applause from the audience.
Mrs. Rajavi is now greeting the audience and political and religious dignitaries who are present.

20: 34 (CET)…

Islamic dignitaries from across the Muslim world are in attendance. The conference is entitled: “Democratic and Tolerant Islam vs. Fundamentalist, Religious Dictatorship.” Islamic music is being played as dignitaries are welcomed into the grand hall in preparation for the conference.

20: 26 (CET)…


Sheikh Khalil Merroun, rector of the Grand Mosque of Evry, the largest mosque in France, and President of the Committee of French Muslims in Defense of the Rights of Ashrafis (CMFDDA), attends Ramadan conference in Paris.

 20: 22 (CET)…


Reza Al Reza, head of the Jaafari Shiite Delegation of Iraq, attendeding the Ramadan conference in Paris.

20: 11 (CET)…

The grand Ramadan conference in Paris in solidarity with the Iranian Resistance is set to begin shortly. This page will be continuously updated. Today’s event is one that promotes democracy, peace and tolerance among religions.