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Iraqi parliamentarians call on government to end medical blockade at Camp Liberty

Several members Iraqi parliament have called on their government for the lifting of the medical blockade imposed on Camp Liberty, the residence of Iranian dissidents in Iraq, located near Baghdad airport.

Ms. Jamila Al-Obaidi, an Iraqi parliamentarian and member of Al-Wataniya, said: "The information provided to us regarding the conditions of the residents of Camp Liberty shows that the rights of these residents have been openly violated,” according to the February 13 issue of "Al-Mustaqbal Al-Arabi" newspaper.


NGOs express concern about Iraq denying Iranian dissident medical care

Speech by Gianfranco Fattorini, former Co-Chair of the French NGO “Movement against Racism and for Friendship among the Peoples” (MRAP) at the event entitled 'Right to access to medical care' held at the UN Geneva headquarters on February 20, 2015 and he moderated*:

On behalf of the organizations that convene this roundtable - the Women Human Rights International Association, International Educational Development, Danielle Mitterrand’s foundation - France Libertés, and the Nonviolent Radical Party, Transnational and Transparty (PRNTT) - I welcome you to this roundtable discussion which will focus on the access to medicine  in the Camp Liberty near Baghdad airport.


Iraq must end Camp Liberty medical siege, Conference in UN Geneva HQ told

The medical siege on Camp Liberty must be brought to an end to prevent any more deaths and illnesses among the Iranian residents, a conference in UN Geneva Headquarters has been told.

The United Nations must also declare Camp Liberty as a refugee camp and place it under the supervision of the UN High Commission for Refugees.


Ex-UN Iraq envoy’s Report and Recommendations on Humanitarian Crisis in ‘Camp Liberty’


By: Ad Melkert, former Special Representative of the UN Secretary-­‐General for Iraq, January 2015

Click here for the report in PDF format 

Note of reference

After having served as Special Representative of the UN Secretary-­‐General for Iraq (July 2009-­‐September 2011) I have naturally continued to feel intensely involved with the fate and future of the people of Iraq. I am frequently asked to comment on political, economic, social and humanitarian developments and to contribute to policy debate and recommendations.


EX- UN Iraq envoy demands Camp Liberty recognition as refugee camp

The West must unite to address the plight of Iranian dissidents in Camp Liberty by ensuring their protection and recognizing the camp as a refugee camp until they can be taken to safety in third countries, a new report has urged.

Ad Melkert, former Special Representative of the UN Secretary¬-General for Iraq, wrote: "The Governments of Iraq, the US, the EU member states and other states involved have been looking too long at each other and too little at their own capacities to address the humanitarian plight of several thousands of people without security or future prospect.


Michael Mukasey urges action for protection of Iranian dissidents in Camp Liberty

The time has come to give serious thought to take new initiatives to protect the Iranian residents of Camp Liberty in Iraq who had been promised protection by the US Government in writing, former US Attorney General Michael Mukasey told a conference in Paris.

He said the initiatives not only should include by speaking to the sympathetic members of the congress and raising the issue in the media, but also by pressing the issue in the courts which have shown thus far that they will not hesitate in a proper case to put the government to the task of following the law.



Iran News in Brief - 29 March 2015


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