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Iraq: 3,100 tribal leaders call for protection of Iranians in Camp Liberty

NCRI - In a joint statement, over 3,100 Iraqi tribal leaders and sheikhs from across Iraq have called for protection of Iranian opposition members in Camp Liberty located near Baghdad Airport. Also they called for an end to medical blockade imposed on the Iranian political refugees by the Iraqi government of Nouri Al-Maliki.


Video: New calls for US to save Iranians in Camp Liberty

Former Sen. Joe Lieberman on Tuesday said the United States broke its word in Iraq and said America is now responsible for the humanitarian crisis that Iranian opposition members in Camp Liberty are facing Iraq.

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Int'l community has failed to protect Iranian dissidents in Camp Liberty, US General tells conference

The international community had failed to protect Iranian opposition members in Camp Liberty, Iraq, whose safety and future freedom must now be insured, US General George W Casey told a conference in Arizona.

The leader of US troops in Iraq from 2004 to 2007 also said in a speech in conference entitled Countering Iran's Nuclear, Terrorist Threats: "The Iranian regime has and will continue to use terrorism to accomplish their political objectives."


Video: Senator Menendez demands protection for Camp Liberty Iranians

NCRI - United States Senator Robert Menendez has demanded that the residents of Camp Liberty be able to live without fear of terrorist attacks and are protected by the Iraqi government and the West.

The Democrat politician and Chairman of the US Committee on Foreign Relations also praised the important role of the MEK (The People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran - PMOI) in exposing the 'duplicity' of the Iranian regime, which he branded a state sponsor of terrorism and a destabilizing influence throughout the Middle East.


UN must end Liberty medical siege, Australian group demands

The United Nations must take action to end the Iraqi blockade of urgent medical supplies urgently needed by the residents of Camp Liberty, Australian supporters of a free Iran have demanded.

In a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, the Association to Defend Freedom and Human Rights in Iran called for an immediate end to the 'anti-human medical siege' of the camp.


Mr. President: Keep Your Promises to Camp Liberty!

By: Ken Blackwell, Source: TownHall
One hundred years ago this summer, the German Chancellor reacted with shock and dismay when the British ambassador brought him news of his country’s declaration of war. Germany had invaded Belgium, a country whose independence Germany had pledged by treaty to respect. The Chancellor was distraught. He said he could not believe Britain would go to war over “a scrap of paper.”

Americans this summer are not so much war weary as war wary. We certainly do not want any further entanglements in the Mideast. But we do know that great countries keep their word. If they don’t keep their word, they cease to be great countries. Our pledges must not be "a scrap of paper."


Iraqi MPs condemn UN failure to protect Iranian dissidents in Camp Liberty

NCRI - The failure of the United Nations to protect Iranian dissidents in Camp Liberty has been sharply criticized in an open letter by 45 Iraqi MPs.

The lawmakers published a letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on the Sout-al-Iraq (Sound of Iraq) website on April 26.


Canadian Parliament unanimously adopts motion supporting Camp Liberty Iranians

NCRI - The Subcommittee on International Human Rights of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development addressed the situation in Camp Liberty, Iraq, and unanimously adopted a motion supporting residents and condemned the massacres of Iranians in the camp.


Iraqi MP call for ending blockade of Iranian opposition camp

A member of Iraqi Parliament has called on the government in Baghdad to respect the rights of Iranian refugees in Camp Liberty and putting an end to a blockade imposed on the camp, Al-Taqeer TV reported.

Hamid al zub'i said: "The treatment of refugees in Camp Liberty must be in accordance with international law and conventions."


UN, US urged to prevent Iraq to grab the property of Camp Ashraf

By: Dr. Raj Baldev, Cosmo Theorist, President God Believers Association (GBA)
Iraq in connivance with Iran now prevents the sale of Ashraf property with a view to grabbing it.

The Iraqi Govt. has no regard for the United Nations or any other country except Iran, because it is supporting Maliki.


Howard Dean: US should honour its principles, protect Iranian opposition members in Camp Liberty

America should protect the 3,000 residents of Camp Liberty and not 'sell them out' during the nuclear negotiations, former US Governor Howard Dean has told a conference in Paris.

Iran had already lied about its aim of obtaining a nuclear bomb and the US should not tarnish itself and undermine its standing in the world by making deals with people who will not keep their word, he said in a speech on April 12.


UNHCR concerned over continuing insecurity affecting Iranian opposition in Camp Liberty, Iraq

Statement by The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, May 6, 2014:

Continuing insecurity affecting residents of Camp Hurriya (Camp Liberty)

Since 2011, UNHCR, together with the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI), has been engaged in an effort to find relocation opportunities outside Iraq for some 3,200 former residents of Camp New Iraq (formerly Camp Ashraf), who now reside in Camp Hurriya, near Baghdad International Airport.


Iraqi MP condemns government abuse of Iranian opposition members in Camp Liberty

A member of Iraqi parliament has condemned the Iraqi government of Nouri al-Maliki and Iraqi Human Rights Ministry for their inhumane treatment of the Iranian opposition members in Camp Liberty and the Iraqi people.

Khaled al-Alwani told an Iraqi news website: " The Human Rights Minister is from the Iraqi ruling party, Dawa Party. This minister has come to treat all Iraqi people and residents of Camp Liberty in contrast to human rights."