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Iraqi MP call for ending blockade of Iranian opposition camp

A member of Iraqi Parliament has called on the government in Baghdad to respect the rights of Iranian refugees in Camp Liberty and putting an end to a blockade imposed on the camp, Al-Taqeer TV reported.

Hamid al zub'i said: "The treatment of refugees in Camp Liberty must be in accordance with international law and conventions."


Howard Dean: US should honour its principles, protect Iranian opposition members in Camp Liberty

America should protect the 3,000 residents of Camp Liberty and not 'sell them out' during the nuclear negotiations, former US Governor Howard Dean has told a conference in Paris.

Iran had already lied about its aim of obtaining a nuclear bomb and the US should not tarnish itself and undermine its standing in the world by making deals with people who will not keep their word, he said in a speech on April 12.


Alan Dershowitz: US must force Iraq to stop abusing Iranians dissidents in Camp Liberty

NCRI - The United States Senate must use its power to force Iraq to stop mistreating the Iranian dissidents in Camp Liberty, prominent American lawyer Alan Dershowitz has told a meeting in Washington DC.

The US was also to blame for exposing the camp's residents to 'violence, death and injury', and for failing to prevent the massacre of 52 refugees in Camp Ashraf in September last year, he told a gathering at the US Senate.


Iraqi MP condemns government abuse of Iranian opposition members in Camp Liberty

A member of Iraqi parliament has condemned the Iraqi government of Nouri al-Maliki and Iraqi Human Rights Ministry for their inhumane treatment of the Iranian opposition members in Camp Liberty and the Iraqi people.

Khaled al-Alwani told an Iraqi news website: " The Human Rights Minister is from the Iraqi ruling party, Dawa Party. This minister has come to treat all Iraqi people and residents of Camp Liberty in contrast to human rights."


Tom Ridge: UN has 'failed miserably' to protect Iranian dissidents in Liberty concentration camp

The United Nations has 'failed miserably' to protect Iranian dissidents at Camp Liberty before moving them to safe havens abroad, former US Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge has told a meeting in US Senate in Washington DC.

He branded Camp Liberty a 'concentration camp' where Iranian residents are under daily threat of attack from Iraqi forces guarding the camp.


Video: MEPs condemn Iranian regime, call for protection of Camp Liberty residents

NCRI - European lawmakers condemned the violation of human rights in Iran and called for increased protection for Iranian opposition members in Camp Liberty in a European Parliament session in Brussels on Thursday.

Estonian MEP Tunne Kelam said sanctions were working and it was now crucial not to make any concessions, adding: "Instead of investing vain hopes in a so called moderate president, we need to be careful and demanding until final agreement has been reached.


Iraqi MP demands government respect rights of Camp Liberty residents

An Iraqi MP has called on his government to respect the rights of Camp Liberty residents, who are suffering human rights abuses in a 'detention camp environment'.

Faris Al-Sanjari said the camp's Iranian dissidents are recognized as refugees in Iraq based on international law.


UN must act to protect Liberty residents, German politician demands

NCRI - The United Nations must be put under pressure to protect the human rights of Iranian dissidents in the Camp Liberty 'prison', a leading German politician has demanded.

Rita Sussmuth, former speaker of the German Bundestaag, said the camp's residents were protected as refugees under the Geneva Convention and the international community must provide them with urgent help.


Probe human rights abuses at Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty, UN expert demands

NCRI - A full investigation into the serious human rights crimes and abuses against the Iranian opposition members in Camps Ashraf and Liberty must be carried out urgently, a leading United Nations expert has demanded.

On September 1, 2013, the Iraqi forces attacked Camp Ashraf and killed 52 members of Iranian opposition the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) and abducted seven residents including six women. Camp Liberty where nearly 3,000 PMOI members reside has repeatedly come under missile attacks.


Video: U.S. House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi attends Iranian New Year celebration

NCRI - The leader of Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives took part in a celebration on the occasion of Iranian New Year (Nowruz) held at U.S. Congress in solidarity with the residents of Camp Liberty in Iraq.

Ileana Ros- Lehtinen , chairwoman of the Subcommittee on the Middle East;, Sheila Jackson Lee , a prominent member of the Committee on Homeland Security , Ted Poe , Chairman of the Subcommittee on terrorism , John Makia , Chairman of the Sub -Committee on Government Relations , Donna Edwards, Chair of Congressional Caucus on women's issues , Judy Chu, member of House Committee on Judiciary were among many House members attending the event.


2.5 million citizens in 18 Arabic countries demand protection for Iranian PMOI (MEK) members in Camp Liberty, Iraq

Camp Liberty housing trailer hit by rocketsOver 2.5 million citizens from 18 Arab countries signed statements calling for the safety and security of Iranian opposition members in Iraq. They strongly condemned Iranian regime's meddling in Arab countries that have continued non-stop under Rouhani’s presidency.

The statement was announced this morning by Lawyers Union for Democratic and Legal Studies in a press conference held in Cairo.


Canada Iran group: UN must send troops to protect Iranian dissidents in Camp Liberty

NCRI - The United Nations must send blue helmet peace-keeping troops to Camp Liberty to protect Irnanian opposition members from attack, the Canadian Friends of a Democratic Iran have urged.

The demand comes after recent remarks from Iraq’s Justice Minister Hassan Shammari, who called for the camp's Iranian dissidents to be extradited to Iran, in 'flagrant breach' of international law guaranteeing the rights of asylum seekers.


Iraqi killers must be brought to justice for Camp Ashraf massacre, Chavez demands

Iraq is to blame for the massacre of 52 Iranian opposition members residents of Camp Ashraf last year and a full investigation must be carried out to bring the perpetrators to justice, a former human rights expert on the UN Human Rights Sub-Commission has told a conference in UN Headquarters in Geneva.

The international community must also act urgently to protect the residents of Camp Liberty from daily abuses of their human rights, before they can be moved to safe haven abroad, the president of the Center for Equal Opportunity Linda Chavez demanded.