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Ex-UN Iraqi envoy expresses concern on Iranian refugees in Camp Liberty

In an online session on Wednesday June 3, the Ex-UN Iraq Envoy Mr Ad Melkert answered questions on the current crisis in Iraq Crisis and the situation of Iranian refugees currently in Camp Liberty near Baghdad International Airport.

Mr Ad Melkert, the Special Representative for the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (2009-2011) offered his views on the situation in Iraq emphasising on the importance of national unity to solve the current problems in the country.

Camp Liberty residents want their camp connected to Iraq's national electric grid

A group of residents of Camp Liberty in Iraq staged a protest against the tyrannical siege imposed on their camp by the Iraqi agents and called on the United Nations and the Government of Iraq to connect their camp to the national electric grid, Iraqi al-Taghier TV reported.

Camp Liberty which is located close to the Baghdad International Airport is home to over 2500 Iranian dissidents who are under an inhuman siege by the Iraqi forces affiliated with the Iranian regime.

IRAQ: Iran regime’s intelligence and Qods Force agents taken to Camp Liberty vicinity

NCRI - On Tuesday, 14 April 2015, elements of the Governmental Committee tasked to suppress Ashraf and Liberty, including Colonel Sadeq Mohammed Kadhim and Major Ahmed Khozeir, brought a group of mullahs’ regime Intelligence Ministry (MOIS) and terrorist Qods Force agents to the base of the police company tasked to protect Camp Liberty in the camp under the pretext of families of PMOI in Liberty and began reconnaissance of camp’s vicinity. A few hours later, they were taken away. According to the information received by the resistance from inside Iran, the mercenaries are expected to be taken to Liberty in the ensuing days as well.

U.S. is urged to act to free Iranian dissident taken hostage in Iraq

U.S. urged to act to free Iranian dissident taken hostage in Iraq

An urgent appeal published in Thursday's issue of the Washington Times calls on the U.S. Government to take immediate action to secure the release of a Camp Liberty resident who the U.S. had committed to protect but now has been held hostage in Iraq by being illegally detained for the past four weeks.

Mr. Safar Zakery, 60, an Iranian refugee living in Camp Liberty under UN supervision has been recognized as a person of concern protected under international law.

VIDEO: April 8 Massacre of Iranian opposition PMOI (MEK) in Camp Ashraf, Iraq

NCRI - Today is the 4th anniversary of April 8 massacre of Iranian opposition activists in Camp Ashraf by Iraqi Army under the direct order of then Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki at the behest of the Iranian regime.

Eight women were either shot at close range or crushed to death under the wheels of armoured vehicles when Iraqi forces stormed Camp Ashraf, near Baghdad, on 8 April 2011.

Iraqi MP attests right to access medical services for Iranians in Camp Liberty

Iraqi MP Dr. Fares al-Berifkani, Chairman of the Parliament Hygiene and Environment Commission said there cannot be differences placed between human beings in their right to access treatment and adequate hygiene for anyone living Iraq, abiding by Iraqi laws and protected under the constitution.

In response to a question on the sufferings Camp Liberty refugees are enduring in Iraq from lack of hygiene care and refusing to send them to hospitals, al-Berifkani said there must be no difference between patients. He added his insistence on following up on any case of an individual that has been denied of their right to medical care.

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