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IRAN: The gloves must come off

by Elisabetta Zamparutti 

The first theocracy of Iran was established thirty-six years ago, and political and social development of a vibrant and brave people started going down hill. This was a progressive nation and the revolution had a democratic desire behind it, but unfortunately, what has resulted is the repression of people, killing of dissidents, a right wing and fundamentalist power centre and the export of terrorism.

The world saw Ayatollah Khomeini over through the Shah, but even as radicals took over the US embassy and held 50 people hostage, it was already too late for the West. But things got even worse with more terrorism, a nuclear plan and a clear aggressive anti-west stance.

It seems that the threat that Iran would become was never truly anticipated by the West. Did they see the clergy is a balancing chip against the Sunni Kingdoms? Did they feel that since Shiite fundamentalism was a minority position, it would not grow into a full-fledged security problem in the region? At the time of the Iraq-Iran war in 1980, the US backed the regime of Saddam Hussein and underestimated Iran and its staying and fighting power. The war became prolonged and deals had to be made to break the stalemate. What has to be realized is that the situation is still that of a statement and Iran has never really been dealt with. The US strategy to make concessions and treaties rather than deal with Iran seriously has never worked. 

The biggest threat today, with regards to extremism, is the Islamic State in Iraq. The west wants to fight IS, without acknowledging that Iran’s interference into Iraq is only causing more reactionary violence. A grand war has shaped up in Iraq. On one side is Bashar al Assads regime in Syria backed by Tehran, Iran backed militias fighting IS and killing Sunnis in Iraq, Hezbollah, and most recently the Houthi rebellion in Yemen. The other side is IS, born from Sunni extremism, reactionary forces opposing Assad in Syria that joined into existing Sunni extremist networks. Everybody else, the US, the Arab coalition partners, Europe, all just want the problem to be solved and are at a loss. The problem cannot be solved, because Iran is the monkey wrench right in the centre of all these gears.
The Iranian Resistance, led by the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) and its subsidiary, the People’s Mujahidin of Iran (PMOI/MeK), is the only boy that has been advocating regime chance and a democratic Iran. After thirty-six years, the world has to realize that détente, and honouring international commitments is not something that the regime understands. The clergy will encourage war till its last breath.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President elect of the NCRI, is of the opinion that evicting the Iranian regime from Iraq and Syria is the most important step to take. The IS has turned a blind eye to Assad’s dictatorship. IS is not the only enemy, Assad and Iran are also pieces of the war puzzle. Iran must be made to step out of Iraq, or it will stay there indefinitely.

Elisabetta Zamparutti is an official of Hands Off Cane, and a former member of the Italian Parliament