Saturday, December 4, 2021
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Khomenei’s Grandson Speaks out Against Crackdown on Iranian Protesters

By Mahmoud Hakamian

The grandson of former Supreme Leader of Iran Ruhollah Khomeini has spoken out against the brutal crackdown on protesters in Iran and warned that the Iranian Regime will fall if it fails to listen to its people who are crying out for change.

Hassan Khomeini spoke with Arman newspaper on Sunday to explain that these protests, which he described as a “healthy phenomenon”, began because of economic problems and that if the mullahs did not act to fix these, then the Islamic Republic would be no more.

He said: “The economic demands, which are not political, if not answered will turn into a state of frustration and disappointment in society, which will pave the way for the collapse of the regime or the control of a populist, authoritarian, repressive and elusive government that uses excessive violence but cannot withstand long.”

Will this change the Regime’s path?

Rouhani also has reportedly made similar warnings to current Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, by telling Khamenei that by “not hearing the voice of the people”, he would likely suffer the same fate as the Shah.

Another person who has warned about the protests causing the fall of the Iranian regime is former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who wrote an open letter to Khamenei about “the risk of the fall of the regime” because of the ongoing popular protests and the economic and political pressures.

However, what all of this fails to grasp is that the Iranian Regime is incapable of change. For almost forty years now, the Iranian Regime has been suppressing its people in an attempt to rule unchallenged and despite many protests, the mullahs have failed to amend their behaviour. Why should anyone expect differently this time?

For those on the outside looking in, it might seem comforting that high-ranking members of the Regime are standing up against the brutality but what this fails to note is that the Regime is dogged by infighting.

These arguments between warring factions aren’t really about helping the thousands of people imprisoned and facing the death penalty. They’re about putting themselves in a good light, so that if their faction can take over once Khamenei’s impending death comes, the West will once again turn its back on Iran, believing the country to be in good hands.

If the West really wants to ensure that the Iranian people are protected though, they should side with the people’s protest movement and call for regime change for and by the people.