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The Iran Regime’s Missile Attack on Syria, to Cover Which Fear?

By Mahmoud Hakamian

Ali Khamenei, supreme leader of the Iranian regime, one day before of missile strike to Al-Maiadeen town of Deirazor province in the Syria, in response to recent statements by the US secretary of state, said: “America has always sought to change the Islamic republic from the beginning of the revolution, but they will not be able to slap the Iranian nation, but it’s Iran, who will slap them”.

He, then called, the US administration and officials inexperience, saying: “These inexperienced people, have not known the nation and authorities of Iran, while they are being slapped, they will find out with what account, they are dealing with”.

It turned out, Khamenei’s slap to the United States was launching of those missiles to Syria. Now, why is it going to ISIL instead of slapping America, this is another clandestine tyranny that pursues a specific goal.

The government’s website “Mashreq” wrote: “Although, there were several options for responding to ISIS terrorist attacks inside Syria’s territory, Iran chose to launch missile strike from its own land, so that, to demonstrate its unprecedented missile power after thirty years, attacking the positions of the terrorists in Syria have messages to Washington. Iran could even have used airplanes for this strike or ask its allies in Syria, Iraq or Lebanon to do so, but insisting that, this attack must be carried out from inside Iran, Kermanshah or Kurdistan provinces to express its several messages”. “In short, the timing and method of carrying out this operation were such that, both to respond Donald Trump’s recent threats, and the new congressional sanctions of this country and the threats of the US regional allies”. So, in the words of this regime’s media, much noisy media coverage and the vengeful revenge of ISIS was just an excuse, the goal was something else.

The fact that, before having any military significance, the Iranian regime’s action is more in line with the falling morale of regime’s forces inside and outside the country; the forces which with increasing involvement of America in Syria, as well as the tightening of the recent sanctions and Tillerson’s stance, in the words of Hossein Shariatmadari, editor in chief of Khamenei’s “Kayhan” newspaper have been “tired and overwhelmed”. Regime has lost its indisputable ownership of its Syrian backyard.

Now, the Iranian regime has reached to a point, where along with launching missiles, it is screaming ISS, ISIS. “Yes, I am”, that’s my rocket, please, let me into the game. It is so bad! If you do not let me play. Do not talk so much about the regional JCPOA. Do not make it too difficult for the IRGC. I am able to rocket ISIS! I am not removable from the Syrian equations [which I turned it myself to a swamp].

Read the following paragraphs from the same website to find out more on the meaning of regime’s actions:

“If we want to put together the successful operations of IRGC in targeting the positions of the terrorists in Deirazor, along with the progress and successful operations of the resistance groups in Iraq and Syria, and the connection of the Iranian land way to Lebanon in the context of linking the borders of Iraq and Syria. The strategic outcome is, that the time has matured, the menace of the Resistance Axis (Regimes’ terminology for calling itself and its allies) being removed from the regional equations. Perhaps more precisely, to say that the hostile efforts against this axis in this area are in different countries of the region from Syria to Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain and even Tehran in line with the outcry of honorable exit from the swamp of scandal, which has been created against this axis, and they has been caught in this web. The American axis of the region is now trying to use its full potential to hit the resistance axis, so that it may reduce the intensity of the bitter balances and loss of field performances in the region”.

Iran as representative of resistance movement proved that the presence in diplomatic circles for a political settlement of regional crises is not the result of weakness and doubt, but there are still plenty of available options to resolve the final and military crisis in Syria or Iraq and Yemen, which have not yet been used. Iran (the regime) has shown that its diplomatic activities are aimed at reducing the duration of the war and the casualties of the innocent people of Syria, Iraq and Yemen and giving a chance to return to various Syrian arenas to the table, and if the opposing sides do not follow this option, they will suffer more blows”.

And finally, the main reason behind false dusting and smoke over several missiles, they are covert camouflaged fears of Khamenei’s new coordinates after the US position, the recent breathtaking sanctions, and the going down of Khamenei’s balance within the regime, which in the internal culture of the regime, it is named “The Missile and Regional Complex Implementation Project”.

In this case, Hossein Shariatmadari with a teaser to Rouhani said: “This move destroyed the hopes of individuals with disappointments and tiredness, of those congregation, that insisted to inflict their plans on the regime. Those, who two days ago were doing sycophancy of Rex Tilerson, the US Foreign Minister”.

“The missiles will make Trump understand, that there is no one in the system with which Tillerson was speaking of their readiness to accompany Washington in confronting the Islamic Republic”.
Mehdi Mohammadi, another member of Khamenei’s faction clearly stated: “The missiles targeted the heart of the project to complete the missile and regional JCPOA program for the system”.

Khamenei, indeed needs to gain his lost authority with rockets, threats and bluffs, but he knows himself, in what deadlock he has fallen and suffering, and these blatant struggles do not solve the problem of his regime’s wide-ranging crises.