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New eyewitness camera footages of Camp Ashraf massacre

NCRI – The new footages shows the Sunday’s crime against humanity carried out at Camp Ashraf, Iraq. The criminal forces of Nouri al-Maliki at the behest of the Iranian regime attacked defenseless unarmed residents of the camp, members of the Iranian opposition, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK).

The massacre has prompted worldwide condemnations and calls for an independent investigation into the fifth massacre carried out against the Iranians refugees in Iran.

A U.N. delegation visited the camp in Diyala province a day after the killings and spoke to survivors. In a statement, he expressed “his outrage at the brutal killing of the camp’s residents” and called on the Iraqi government to launch an investigation and “acknowledge its responsibility for the safety of the camp’s residents.”

The United Nations said at least 52 residents have executed during the latest massacre at Camp Ashraf.